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Lil Nas X drops futuristic video to 'Panini'

Wait, what year are we in?
Sep 5, 2019 – 01:43 PM EDT

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Lil Nas X just dropped the futuristic two minute and twenty second video "Panini." The video begins on the streets of a futuristic city with the focus on Skai Jackson.

The Mike Diva directed video begins with Jackson being welcomed by futuristic holographic billboards that pop out of no where and flying driverless cars that play non-stop "Panini" through the speakers.

Nas X follows Jackson throughout the streets of a town ending up in an ally with dancing robots. Things change up and Jackson is on a flight to who knows where.

That's when the Panini singer lands on the wing of an airplane staring in the window right at Jackson. Jackson had enough, makes a b-line straight for the exit where she puts on a jetpack and falls down to earth.

Nas X follows Jackson with a jetpack suit of his own. Nas X watches Jackson land and he programs a wonderful digital floral scene from a communicator on his wrist.

Nas X is joined by a robotic dance crew in the video in an ally and then ends with Nas X programming floral arrangements via communicator on his wrist.

Side note though, the video shows a world of flying cars and futuristic concepts.

Lil Nas X came up with the concept himself. YouTuber, musician, special effects artist Mike Diva directed this futuristic video.