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Kodak Black pens love poem to Zendaya

He'll beat up Spider-Man for you
Feb 14, 2020 – 12:45 PM EST

Kodak Black writes a poem to Zendaya with a caption of "Because Of You" because Kodak has nothing but time.

“Zoolin In a Ice Box / Froze in time,” he wrote. “But Mentally You’re My Valentine / Hope I Made You Smile With This Poem / I’m Thinking Bout You All the Way Home.”

Kodak had also released a new song "Because of You" for Valentine's Day showing his softer side.

This isn't the first instance that he showed his softer side for Valentine's Day. Back in 2018, Kodak released his R&B mixtape titled Heart Break Kodak.

Kodak is currently behind bars serving 46 months at a Federal Pen in Kentucky.

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