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Jon 'Bones' Jones been arrested for firearm charges

Bad choices
Mar 26, 2020 – 02:21 PM EDT

UFC Champion Jon Jones is in legal trouble after being arrested in New Mexico.

Police had responded to reports of gunfire discharge in Albuquerque in the early hours of Thursday. Jones was in the driver seat of his 2019 Jeep with the engine still running. Officers that arrived to the scene made Jones take sobriety tests, in which he performed poorly on.

When he took a breathalyzer, his results were twice the legal limit. Jones had admitted to driving earlier in the night and he intended to drive intoxicated again.

Jones denied anything about firing gun shots he fired and was arrested for aggravated driving while intoxicated and negligent use of a firearm, driving with no proof of insurance and possession of an open container.

Reports state that they found a handgun with a bottle of Recuerdo were found inside his vehicle.

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