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Holiday film takes a dark turn dropping Friday, December 13th

"You met with the wrong sisters."
Sep 5, 2019 – 2:07 PM EDT

Jason Blum, The producer of Get Out and Halloween has a new scary film coming out for the holidays called "Black Christmas" that drops on Friday, December 13th.

The Sophia Takal directed film takes on the 1974 classic horror film about a killer on the loose in a college town and a group of sorority sisters begin to get festered with intense anonymous phone calls. One of the characters, Barb, who is played by Margot Kidder eggs on the caller.

Soon one of their sisters goes missing as she was murdered by the psychopath with an icicle. The only thing the sisters know is that they don't know who the killer is and how far away he is. The sisters then learn that the fraternity is behind everything in attempts to keep their 200 year tradition alive.