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Get to know the 1,900 word song that could break a Guinness World Record

Urban artist Residente launches an unexpected response to another artist with his new single 'La Cátedra.' The song features 1,900 words in 10 minutes, a feat that could make history.
Jun 13, 2017 – 3:48 PM EDT

The war of words and music between Residente and reggaetonero Tempo is one of the most popular conflicts that the urban genre has seen in a long time.

After a 'give and take' between both artists on social media, Tempo launched his song, " Calle Sin Salida." Residente, in response, produced his song " Mis Disculpas," an eight-minute track that many thought would end the feud once and for all.

Taking advantage of the opportunity and global attention, Tempo returned to the recording studio and left his corner for a second round with the song "El Bruto".

Residente's response? 1,900 words.

In "La Cátedra," Residente makes an unofficial claim that this song has the most lyrics of any song to date. He claims that his song contains 1,900 words in 10 minutes without counting the two-minute epilogue. "La Cátedra" surpasses American rapper Eminem and the British artist Harry Shotta who respectively claimed the record.

In 2013, Eminem set the record for the song with the most words on it with ' Rap God,' a track containing 1,560 words in six minutes and four seconds. The Detroit rapper's record was later replaced in September 2016 by drum and base MC Harry Shotta. His song, ' Animal,' contained 1,771 words in six minutes and nine seconds. Both songs were officially inscribed in the Guinness record book, in their respective times, as the longest by letter.

To put it in context, Residente's song 'Cátedra' has 1,900 words. Keep in mind that a page consists of 500 words written on it without dividing it into paragraphs. In other words, according to Residente, his new song is about four pages of lyrics.

The song-by-word metric fluctuates by genre. For Hip-Hop, the average song is 478 words, being the heaviest. For its part, Rock averages 198 word, the second lowest average after American folk music.

As of now, this is not officially the longest song. If it does turn out to be, it will break the record. It is necessary to see if the duration of 12 minutes as well as if the language will play a part in the decision to include it as the indisputable title of the longest song so far.

Regardless of the official result, Residente's feat will not be an easy one to match. Not by his rivals or by those who had in their sights on putting their name on the Guinness record list.

Residente, in addition, is nominated for a Premios Juventud award for 'Best Video' for his song, "Desencuentro" ft. Soko.

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