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Georgia woman borrows police badge and gun in attempt to get free food

She messed up
Aug 30, 2019 – 12:51 PM EDT

Duluth, GA - A 33-year-old woman is facing charges for impersonating a police officer. Pektra LaQuiche Edgerton was seen in a convienence store wearing a badge and gun getting free snacks and a beverage but a real police officer in the store thought that her actions seemed a bit odd.

WSB-TV reported that the real officer, Gwinnett County Police Officer J.T. Smith pulled over Pektra. A few minutes later Pektra admitted that the badge and gun belonged to her friend, Brandi Green, an officer with the Department of Community Supervision.

It was reported later that Green was suspended but had later resigned. As for Pektra, she is looking at some time behind bars for impersonation of a police officer.