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Frankie J and Baby Bash perform 'Vamonos' together for the first time in San Antonio

The two recording artists came by the Dana Cortez Show the day after their performance to discuss their first joint album, 'Sangria'
Dec 18, 2017 – 04:03 PM EST

Frankie J and Baby Bash are BACK!

The recording artists got together to perform their new single, 'Vamonos,' on stage at the Univision Fiesta Navideña event last night - making it the first time the two of them have presented the song together in public.

Earlier this morning, the two men stopped by the Dana Cortez Show to talk about how it felt to perform the song live together for the first time in San Antonio.

The track is the first single off their joint album, 'Sangria.' The album, which was released on October 20. 'Sangria' marks the first time the men have collaborated on an entire full-length album.

WARNING: The videos in this article contain mature language.

While it may be their first album together, most people are already major fans of the duo collaborating. They two friends have previously worked on hits such as 2003's 'Suga Suga' and who could forget 2005's sultry singalong track 'Obsesion.'

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