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Joseph Antonio Cartagena

Fat Joe talks Trump, Racism and Diamond Rings

The rappers new album 'Plata o Plomo' drops this February
Feb 2, 2017 – 12:40 PM EST

Not many artists have had a career life span like Joseph Cartagena, better known to many as Fat Joe. Beginning with 1993’s ‘Represent,’ Joe has crafted a discography that rivals any major Hip-Hop hop artist around. And he’s not slowing down! Joe’s new album with fellow rapper Remy Ma titled ‘Plata o Plomo’ drops February 17th and features an all-star lineup of artists featuring French Montana, Ty Dolla $ign, The-Dream, Stephanie Mills, BJ the Chicago Kid and more.

“We got heat rocks on this album. We got one you gotta look out for with The-Dream, it’s incredible. This is a joint album, this ain’t Fat Joe featuring Remy, this ain’t Remy featuring Fat Joe, this is a supergroup” said Joe. Music isn’t the only thing the rapper thinks about these days, as he has been known to take to Facebook Live and give opinions and thoughts on different subject matter in the world today. One HUGE subject he has an opinion on…politics.

When asked if Joe would have considered performing at our new President’s Inauguration, the rapper didn’t hold back his thoughts. “Never. They can’t give me enough money. I would never do it. Trump could offer me ten, twenty, thirty million dollars and I won’t do it.”

Fat Joe continued “the guys is a racist. The guy…he’s a bad guy man. To go celebrate his victory, I wouldn’t do it. But, I can not tell anybody else how to feel what to do.”
The rapper did take a more positive view on his thoughts about the President, saying: “Just like we have people that don’t like Trump, we got people that passionately like Trump. We are all American. At the end of the day, we hope Donald Trump proves us wrong.”

Never one to shy away from giving his views and opinions, Joe didn't hold back on his thoughts concerning another big subject...marriage and men wearing wedding rings. “Me personally, when I see a wedding ring, I feel like it’s weak. Like they’re branded. I’ll be in the airport and look at these men and they got this wedding ring and it feels like they branded…like they got a tattoo on their hand.” The Bronx-native has made it know that he will never wear a wedding ring, even though he’s currently married.

Plata o Plomo drops February 17th.