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Eminem teases 'Walk On Water' music video

Slim Shady is giving us a sneak peak at the first music video off his 'Revival' album
Dec 20, 2017 – 05:12 PM EST

It looks like the first music video from Eminem's 'Revival' album is on its way!

It seems the first clue was given to us earlier today when Slim posted an Instagram about the amount of pieces of paper he used to write the album.

A few hours later, Em posted what appears to be a portion of the music video which includes him ferociously typing away and throwing away thousands of sheets of paper.

In between the two posts teasing the upcoming video, Em also published a post to let fans know that he now has special 'Revival' merch on sale.

Unfortunately, Em did not give us an exact time or date as to when the video will be released, but it appears to be very, very soon.

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