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Egg cracks Instagram record

This ordinary egg has more followers than you
Jan 15, 2019 – 06:04 PM EST

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Looks like a photo of a stock image of a regular looking egg has broke the internet.

The egg beat out Kylie Jenner's photo of Stormi Webster, which has about 18,549,924 likes to date. On top of that, people are posting about the egg that beat her on Jenner's gram comments.

Actually, looks like the egg broke Instagram's record of the most liked photo on the social media platform with more than 43 million likes.

The account "world_record_egg", which is Instagram verified by the way has about 6.4 million followers and only a solo post to the account.

Just have you know that only a few days ago the account had about 18 million likes. Talk about a jump in likes!

In reaction Kylie Jenner had shown us her response to the most liked photo on Instagram in a video. Video shows her cracking an egg on the asphalt. Wow!

With 2019 in swing, other accounts are trying to beat each other on the most likes. Now, a chicken is in the mix trying to get the record with the most comments on a post. We're telling you that social media is still a powerful tool.


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