Eddie Murphy becomes a dad for 10th time

The star's family just got a little bigger
Aug 28, 2018 – 9:19 AM EDT

Comedian and actor Eddie Murphy is expecting a baby with his longtime girlfriend Paige Butcher. According to the rep for the 57-year-old, his new bundle of joy will be his 10th child.

The actor has not revealed a birth date or any names yet.

Let's take a in-depth look at the actor's large family.

Eric - 29
Bella Bahra - 16
Zola Ivy - 18
Shayne Audra - 23
Miles Mitchell - 25
Bria - 28
Christian - 27
Angel Iris - 11
Izzy Oona - 2

In a 2016 interview with Entertainment Tonight, "The brightest part of my life is my kids." Murphy says. "My relationship with them, and my world revolves around them -- even the old, gray bald ones."

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