Dana Cortez Cortez

Dana Cortez

Dana Cortez is a Texas native, raised by her Nana, and is world wide! Say hi!
Jun 21, 2016 – 4:32 PM EDT

Dana Cortez was born in West Texas and raised, by her Nana, in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. Dana never thought of a career in radio, but her Nana advised her to either be a lawyer or radio host because of her ability to argue anything. Nana was right!

Dana Cortez favorite Music: Dana loves Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, edm and basically anything that makes her dance, even though she’s rhythmically challenged!

Dana Cortez favorite food: Authentic Mexican and the hotter the better!

Dana Cortez most memorable interviews: Jamie Foxx – he sang her the “Willie Beamin” song from the movie “Any Given Sunday – her favorite Jamie Foxx flick! 50 Cent – he flew her to Las Vegas to cover his movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin’!” Big Sean – she actually asked him “Who’s the bigger a$$hole, Donald Trump or Kanye West?!” You might wanna google and watch that video! Beyonce – It’s Beyonce. Enough said!

Useless Dana Cortez fact: You can see Dana Cortez in the Emmy Award winning Breaking Bad playing “Dana Cortez” the TV reporter!

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