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Chucky in new "Child's Play" trailer gives toy high tech update

The infamous doll gets a high tech upgrade returning as a killer robot
Feb 8, 2019 – 02:58 PM EST

The new reboot of the 1988 film, "Child's Play" has a little bit of a modern twist to the film. Director Lars Klevberg wanted to give Buddi a high tech update.

What we know about Buddi, is that he is from a high tech manufacturer, Kaslan, of electronics that include autonomous drones, smart home hub, self driving vehicles and other tech. According to Kaslan's website, Buddi will have HD cameras, high capacity sensors, feature wireless capability, become adaptive to it's environment and have the state-of-the-art sensors.

Founder & CEO Henry Kaslan (Tim Matheson) makes a special announcement about the new toy. In the message Kaslan introduces "Buddi" with a tagline of "He's more than a toy, he's your best friend."

In the new "Child's Play" trailer, Karen Barclay, the mother (Aubrey Plaza) gives her son Andy Barclay (Gabriel Bateman) a gift. Andy unwraps the present in excitement and that's when things get a little bit interesting. The doll, Buddi, takes a retinal scan of Andy and then goes missing. In a series of events, the evil robotic doll goes on a murderous killing spree.

The film is set to be released on June 21, 2019 in theaters nationwide. We should expect more trailers to be released soon.