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Chancellor Johnathan Bennett

Chance The Rapper Marches to go Vote From Concert

The rapper started a movement that brought new voters to the polls.
Nov 8, 2016 – 12:56 PM EST

On Election Eve (Nov. 7) Chance The Rapper held a free concert at Grant Park in downtown Chicago. The Chicago native wanted people to get out and vote because it's their "right and responsibility."

Hundreds of people attended the "Get-Out-The-Vote" concert which was sponsored by Chance's non-profit organization "Social Works." Chance The Rapper also invited local rappers Malcolm London, indie group Twin Peaks and other musicians to perform at the free event.

After the performance, Chance The Rapper said: "Show the younger generation what standing up looks like. Thank you to everyone that understands that this is what democracy looks like and wanted to have their voices heard." Chance The Rapper then invited those who haven't yet voted to march a mile and a half down through rush hour traffic to the early voting site.

The crowd was guided by Chicago police bike patrol officers to help keep people off of the streets and to make sure that people behaved themselves. As of Sunday night, Chicago saw a record number of 284,506 new early voters.

After voting Chance the Rapper showed off his wristband that says: "I Voted."