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Chance the Rapper disguises himself as Lyft driver

"We got em'"
Oct 15, 2018 – 4:37 PM EDT

What are the odds that you summons a rideshare and that your driver could be a celebrity. Some unsuspecting riders were unknowingly picked up by Chicagoan celebrity and hip-hop star Chance the Rapper.

People who got into Chance's car were in for a deep conversation. Without giving it away too much, Chance had asked his passengers a few questions. "Do you like rap music?" "Who are your favorite rap artists?"

Some of the passengers had named Chance the Rapper along with other favorites and Chance had agreed with them still without giving it away.

When the ride was over, Chance the Rapper grabbed his trademarked three hat and took off his sunglasses to reveal to his passengers that they were riding in the same vehicle with Chance the Rapper!