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Cardi B releases steamy "Press" video

Definitely NSFW
Jun 26, 2019 – 12:18 PM EDT

Cardi B had recently pleaded not guilty to the NYC stripper brawl in a nightclub last August. Now, the female rapper dropped a NSFW music video titled "Press."

The video is just about three and a half minutes long with a hot and steamy opening. Cardi is shown smoking a cigarette and cocking a gun as the video fades to black as a shot is fired in the background.

Next, B is flirting with a police detective being questioned for her actions. After that, it switches to a nude Cardi splattered with blood. The scene then switches to a courtroom scene and suddenly the lights go dark with witnesses laying on the floor and Cardi just sitting there as the last scene shows Cardi drowning her cell mate in a toilet behind bars.

Real warning: This video is NSFW, school, or wherever.