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Bun B shoots home invader

Bun B and his wife are okay
Apr 24, 2019 – 3:47 PM EDT

Rapper Bun B had reportedly got into a shootout with a home intruder Tuesday. Reports state that the intruder had held Bun's wife Angela "Queenie" Walls at gunpoint and had attempted to steal her car.

According to reports, an unknown individual had knocked on the door of Bun's Port Arthur, Texas home Tuesday night. Queenie had answered the door and the intruder pointed a gun and demanded for her valuables.

Queenie had offered the keys to the masked person to her Audi. Bun heard the commotion downstairs, quickly grabbed his gun and confronted the suspect as he climbed into the vehicle.

Bun had fired shots at the suspect who had eventually ran away leaving his weapon behind.

The individual that attempted robbery at Bun's residence had ended up at the hospital with a gun shot wound. They were later arrested for two counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count of burglary.