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Bow Wow ready to leave fame behind and work at GameStop

The Twitter rant that sparked his desire to retire
Jul 30, 2018 – 4:30 PM EDT

After a fiery Twitter rant, Bow Wow has decided he’s ready to leave the rap game along with his fortune.

It all started when a fan took to Twitter to accuse him of cheating and called him out for his behavior at a club. Twitter user @_itsderra responded to a photo the rapper posted of him and Kiyomi Leslie, claiming she saw him cheating in the club “2 nights in a row.” She later tweeted, “He’s been in the club the last 2 nights being real friendly. Even kicked my friend and me out his section because we was recording, it ain’t like he’s big time.”

Bow Wow responded in a now-deleted thread, telling the twitter user to “LEAVE ME AND MINE THE F**K ALONE.” The thread continued with Bow Wow attacking the user and others like her including bloggers and “gossiping ass hateful sights.”

He then migrated to Instagram and reposted one of his tweets from the rant. “Ima quit all this s**t. Down size my home. sell everything and go work at GameStop. I’d probably be the happiest man in the world. Trade my cars in and buy a PROBE.”

Later he tweeted that he would be dropping out of the So So Def 25 th Anniversary Cultural Curren$y Tour. Then in yet another tweet he announced he would be giving away money to his fans, posting a screenshot to Instagram of him transferring a fan $500 on Cash App.

The rant ended with Bow Wow telling fans he would be seeing a therapist soon for fear of being pushed over the edge.

Whether or not Bow Wow will follow through with his rant and leave the rap game for GameStop is unknown. However, we do know Bow Wow and Kiyomi will be getting Cash App usernames in their DMs for a while.