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A fast food joint dressed up as competitor for Halloween

For a good cause, too!
Nov 1, 2019 – 12:02 PM EDT

Two competing restaurants joined forces for Halloween for a good cause. A Burger King in Queens, New York dressed up as their competiton, McDonald's for the day.

The restaurant was covered in a oversized large white blanket with the word "McDonald's" spray painted on it and two holes cut out on the top to make it ghost eyes. On it's marquee sign reads "Boooo. Just kidding. We still have flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween."

What a burn.

There's a backstory to all of this craziness though. Back in September, a Burger King in Argentina launched it's "A Day Without A Whopper" campaign where they stopped selling their top selling entree, the "Big Mac" for a day for a good cause.

The entire purpose of the campaign was to help out McDonald's with they annual fundraising campaign for Children With Cancer. Burger King had donated $2 million for every Big Mac and signature burger that McDonald's sold. The Ronald McDonald House, which is a McDonald's foundation manages the Children With Cancer organization.

We wonder if the customers knew the difference?