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6ix9ine's family scared to appear in court

6ix9ine is about to snitch
Sep 12, 2019 – 10:53 AM EDT

6ix9ine is heading to trial next week regarding his federal racketeering case however his family will not be making it to the courtroom.

Family members said that the appearance is too risky for them to show their faces because Tekashi will be snitching on the Nine Trey Gangsters Bloods as part of his plea deal.

69's family said that the fear retaliation against the family and that they will be harrassed, threatened or attacked by Tekashi's former crew members even though security has been beefed up at his family's residence.

Sources close to 69 say that he is fearing the worse regarding his life and his family as well as the safety of his mother and brother.

Court documents state the testification will be leading to naming specific people and connecting them.