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6ix9ine donation to non-profit foundation declined

"Not all money is good money."
May 12, 2020 – 03:41 PM EDT

Rapper 6ix9ine tried to open his wallet and put his money to good. The rapper wanted to contribute $200,000 to the "No Kids Hungry Foundation".

The rapper posted the statement to his Instagram account.

"During this pandemic I understand we have nurses and frontline Hero’s who risk there life daily to save others. But NEVER forget the children & families who depend on OUR PUBLIC schools for daily meals and nutritions to keep our future leaders growing to their best potential," 6ix9ine wrote in an Instagram post. "To every influencer out there REMEMBER if you are blessed GOD gave you that blessing not just for YOU but also TO HELP OTHERS 🙌🏼 GOD FIRST."

A representative from the foundation had said they declined the money with an explaination on why.