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30 words just got added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary

Some of these you might be using already
Sep 7, 2018 – 09:51 AM EDT

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The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has been around since 1828 and still adding new words to the books. Check out these new terms that were just recently added.

GOAT: Greatest Of All Time.

HANGRY: Irritable or angry because of hunger.

ADORBS: Extremely charming or appealing.

HOPHEAD: A beer enthusiast.

ZOODLES: A long, thin strip of zucchini that resembles a string or narrow ribbon of pasta.

AIRPLANE MODE: An operating mode for an electronic device (such as a mobile phone) in which the device does not connect to wireless networks and cannot send or receive communications.

GUAC: Pureed or mashed avocado seasoned with condiments.

CBD: A nonintoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp.

INSTAGRAMMING: To post (a picture) to the Instagram photo-sharing service.

BINGEABLE: Having multiple episodes or parts that can be watched in rapid succession.

LATINX: A gender-neutral alternative to Latina and Latino.

BARN BURNER: A wooden match that can be struck on any surface. Mainly in Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Maryland.
FARMER MATCH: A wooden match that can be struck on any surface. Mainly in the upper Midwest, Great Lakes region, New York, and West Virginia.

BAT HIDE: A dollar bill. Mainly in the Southwest.

BONNYCLABBER: Think, sour milk. Mainly in the north Atlantic.

COUNTERPIN: A bedspread. Mainly in the South and south mid-America.

CROKER SACK: A burlap bag. Mainly in the Gulf states, south Atlantic.
TOW SACK: A burlap bag. Mainly in the South, south midland, Texas and Oklahoma regions.

CUDDY: A small room, closet, or cupboard.

CUP TOWEL: A dish towel. Mainly used in Texas, inland south region.
DISH WIPER: A dish towel. Mainly used in New England.

DADDOCK: Rotten wood, a rotten log. Used mainly in New England.
DOZY: Bunch of decaying wood. Mainly used in the Northeast, especially Maine.

DROPPED EGG: A Poached egg. Mainly used in New England.

EAR SCREW: An earring. Mainly used in the Gulf states, lower Mississippi valley.

EMPTINS: Homemade yeast used as starter in bread. Mainly used in New England, upstate New York.

FLEECH: To coax, wheedle, flatter. Mainly used in the South Atlantic.

FOGO: An offensive smell. Mainly used in New England.

FROG STRANGLER: A heavy rain. Mainly used in the South, south midland.
GOOSE DROWNDER: A heavy rain. Mainly used in the midland.
TRASH MOVER: A heavy rain. Used mainly in the mid-Atlantic, south Atlantic.

I VUM: I swear. I declare. Mainly used in New England.

LARBO: A type of candy made of maple syrup on snow. Mainly used in New Hampshire.

LAST BUTTON ON GABE'S COAT: The last bit of food. Mainly used in the south, south midland.

MARG: A cocktail consisting of tequila, lime or lemon juice, an an orange-flavored liqueur.