Fragmentos de correos electrónicos enviados a Univision por Hugh Crumpler

Fragmentos de correos electrónicos enviados a Univision por Hugh Crumpler

Algunos fragmentos de correos electrónicos enviados a Univision por Hugh Crumpler durante la investigación de Rápido y Furioso.

Los siguientes son fragmentos de correos electrónicos (E-mails) enviados por Hugh Crumpler a Univision y que sirvieron para la investigación sobre el fallido operativo federal Rápido y Furioso.

I never believed the guns were going to cartels until the ATF agents told me.  I had no desire for that to occur.  I did everything in my power once they told me to try to stop the flow of guns, including risking my life.  The ATF continued to let the guns flow while I cooperated.  I know I did wrong before the ATF informed me the guns were going to cartels.  I have done everything I possibly can to stop the flow the guns and to let the people of the world know how the guns got to cartels.  I will continue.  No actions such as those taken by the Obama Administration's U S Attorney General's Office and the ATF should be tollerated by any American or any foreigner.

I kept no records.  That is in the court records.  At the time I was stopped the ATF told me they had traced one gun in Columbia that had been involved in a homicide.  They also told me that one gun had been found on a hit man for the most brutal cartel in Puerto Rico.  Those facts are in my legal paperwork.

What happened was: 

1. I cooperated and gave the ATF information about the methonds the individuals at the Alvena Way, Orlando residence used to ship guns.

2.  One such method was in overseas shipping (CONEX) containers.

3.  The ATF followed two individuals from the residence to an International Shipping Facility in Orlando.  The ATF agents took photos.


4.  Guns were placed in an overseas shipping container with other goods.

5.  The ATF showed me pictures of one of the individuals in order to identify him.  I had previously identified the other individaul.

6.  The next day I was in a room at the ATF offices in Orlando when the ATF agents found out that ICE had intercepted the shipment at a sea port-Miami.

7.  The ICE supervisor decided not to let the arms get out of the country.  ATF wanted the guns to go to Honduras.   The ATF and the ICE agents were following the container with the guns.  It was a decision made by someone at ICE to intercept the guns.

I do not know of a confrontation.  I do know the two ATF agents I was with were very upset - Agent McCann and Agent Temple.

When the agents found out the shipment was intercepted they were in the room with me.  The room is about six feet by ten feet with video and audio recording equipment, no windows and two doors that stayed locked.  One of the agents called it my "cage".  The two agents, McCann and Temple were very upset and left the room when they were told.  I do not know what happened after that.

I asked my attorney to request all video and audio surveylance tapes or cds from when I was in my cage.  My attorney asked verbally and they said there was none.  I requested them by the Freedom of Information Act.  Agent Temple told me the only recordings were of the original meetings.  When my request was formally answered the ATF told me that there were no recordings.  I find it hard to believe that a suspect and an ATF agent would meet in a closed room with no windows and video and audio recording equipment and no recording be made.

purchased three guns from me that I remember.  Two were stainless steel Mini 14s by Ruger.  One was a short barreled rifle.  The short barreled rifle was delivered and paid for in "Little Havana" in Miami.  The ATF was observing the transaction.

When I cooperated with the ATF I told them about ______________ and his father.  Roberto is a US Citizen and the sale of the Mini 14s to him were legal sales.  The father is a citizen of Honduras.

I conversed with the father and the son at many gun shows in Miami.  The son, _______, told me that his brother was a Major on Zelaya's staff who was one of the officers who escorted Zelaya out of office.  _________ also told me that his brother was on the New President's staff.  I do not know the name of the Major.

When I asked about Zelaya the father did the hand across the throat move.

The father and the son were at many gun shows.  They would look and discuss guns and prices.  Very seldom would they buy.  Only twice from me.  I suspected, I have no proof, that they were looking around and investigating to get information to relay to others who would do the purchases.  I relayed this to the ATF during my cooperation.  Again, I have no proof that is what they were doing.  It just seemed odd to me that they were at gun shows from start to close and so intense when disucssing guns that they did not make very many purchases.

When I testified at the Sentencing Hearing of Jorge Acosta his attorney, Marsha Smith, asked me about the Garcias.  She said they were one of the most powerful families in Honduras.  She asked if I knew that one of the members of the family was the Solicitor General of Honduras.  I did not know and I testified that I did not know.  No name was mentioned.


The ATF agents who were using me had all the information about the Garcias and they did some research.  But they made no attempt to pursue a case

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