Your Future is Ahead of You, Choose Wisely

Moving out from home is exciting but it also requires hard work and a lot of patience. This new chapter will open your mind and strengthen your heart. 
19 Jun 2014 – 1:25 PM EDT

by Laura D’Ocon

Dear friends, students and graduates,

Allow me to share some of my experiences in an American college, far from my native city, Barcelona. For those who are studying abroad, or have moved from home to a different town or city, let me congratulate you all! You chose to step forward and start living on your own. Moving out from home is exciting but it also requires hard work and a lot of patience. This new chapter will open your mind and strengthen your heart. Some tips for success:

Choose your friends wisely. Yes, you might have heard this from your parents and families, but most of the friends you make in college will probably be there for the rest of your life if you choose them wisely. Be smart. College can be the gate to freedom but if we don’t take command of our lives, we can ruin any future opportunities. Example: take care of your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) etc. Those websites are PUBLIC. Everyone can see them. Choose how you want to represent yourself. Do we really need to take pictures holding a drink? It is okay to have fun and to party but remember, these pictures and videos stay on the internet once you upload them.

Choose your passion. Yes, make sure you are studying what you like. Be honest; do not try to make everyone else happy. This is your moment, your career and your future life. It is really important to spend your years in college doing something you are passionate about because if not, you might be wandering around without finishing anything. Join clubs, try new things, explore and open up yourself to others. Surprises are unexpected, be ready for the adventure and take it with passion.

  Choose your time wisely. Four to five years of college go by fast. Even though some weeks will be tough and you might wish to end already, I promise you that it will be one of the best moments in your life. Being willing to spend your time wisely is another important thing to take into account. No more parents around means that we are in control of our time and days. Take advantage of the time to meet new and interesting people " and enjoy the pleasures of life in college " but do not forget to spend some time just for you. Investing in yourself is important in order to have a healthy and happy life. Read, write, paint, draw, join sports, be outdoorsy, and find your sacred place in your new college or university; a place that you can always go for some silence and peace. A place that will be yours for all those years in college, where you can think, meditate about your future and just be yourself.

  College is a wonderful time, remember your future is ahead of you, and choose wisely, no one else will do it for you.

"I’m Laura D’Ocon, from Barcelona, Spain. I moved to Miami, Florida in 2010. As a native from Barcelona, moving to America was a big change in my life that opened my mind and strengthened my heart. I acquired a worldwide perspective on journalism, people, cultures and countries. I am currently a senior majoring in journalism at the University of Florida. I love writing, traveling, and sharing what I have learned from the people and places I featured in my stories. I am open-minded, creative, and compassionate. I found my balance in my life through yoga. It became such a huge component of my life that I strived to become a certified yoga instructor so I could share my newfound peace with others. That is how I do things"and that is what I hope to do for Univision"to learn and write stories that matter, and to share them with the public."