Start off right and get ready for success

Before packing, ask yourself: What do I want to achieve this year? What are my ultimate goals besides graduation? What can I do to combine fun and success?
7 Ago 2014 – 10:35 AM EDT

Laura D’Ocon

Summer is almost over and it is time for a pause, a deep breath and a moment to visualize what do you want to do next school year. Before packing your books and school supplies, ask yourself these questions: What do I want to achieve this year? What are my ultimate goals besides graduation? What can I do to combine fun and success?

This is a crucial moment for you. No one will take your classes or decide if you are going to succeed or not, it is all on you. No matter, which grade are you in; no matter where you come from or which school do you do to. The only thing that matters is to make the right decision and work along the way.

This is time to invest in yourself, organize all you need to start off your next year and get ready for success.

Today I would like to share some tips that might help more than one student to figure out what to expect and achieve this coming up school year.

First of all, you need to know that it is great to go back to school. It might sound lame, but it is really exciting because you not only get to see your friends again, but you have a new opportunity to start off right, become a better student and learn more things about what you are passionate about.

Some of you might be thinking, - In my high school I don’t get to choose my classes-. However, you can always join a new sport or a club that might sound interesting to you. There are always plenty of opportunities while you are in school.

Once you have done some research about what your school offers according to your interests, sign up! Do not let anyone tell you: -I don’t thing it is a good idea, I don’t think you should do it, I thing this club is just for seniors etc.-. They know nothing. Ask someone in your school like a teacher or a coach, then show up and finally sign in!

Do what you like: Sign in and see how it goes. There is always time while in school to change your major, join another club or sign up for a different sport.

Make a plan: Yes, might sound simple. Get a planner and write down your class as well as your extra curricular activities such as: sports, music, dance, art, internships, work, yoga, cheerleading etc.

If you set up your own schedule your body and mind will little by little adjust to the new routine. It just takes a month to make an activity, a habit.  It is important to get your hours of sleep. Probably during the summer you had more time to rest and now you might need to readjust your timing schedule.

Get ready your books and supplies : Make sure you know which books you need for each class. You might want to do this before the school starts so you can rent them or ask someone for used textbooks.

Have a list of good music ready to wake you up and happy every morning. Music is a key for success, not only can sets up your mood, it also change it, and makes you feel better and more energized. See how music helps and affects you through all your daily school activities.

There is never a second chance to make a good first impression. Make sure you introduce yourself to all your professors. They will appreciate it and also take it into consideration. Teachers like to create a bond with their students so they can later on remember them. Being nice it is not only for the first day, you should always be nice; however, the first day it is extra important to create a good impression.

Avoid negative people because they always have a problem for every solution. Make new friends and open up yourself to others. You might not know this now but the most random person could end up being your best friend.

Finally, make a list of 10 things that you would like to achieve and if you like, write on a dateline for every single one. Make sure that the things are possible and that you will be serious about them. All of these tips are just for you. You can encourage other friends to set up their goals too, but at the end of the day it is all about you. You are the only one with the key to your success.

Enjoy learning and experiencing new adventures. These new school year is all yours and full of opportunities waiting for you to take them.

Be smart, Be Happy and Be you!