Univision HDTV

December 7th, Univision and TeleFutura will begin their High Definition transmitions.

December 7th, Univision and TeleFutura will begin their High Definition transmitions.

Starting monday December 7th, Univision and TeleFutura will begin their High Definition transmitions to major cities.

Univision HDTV
Univision HDTV

Your questions:

Digital Television is now a reality, and with that, High Definition has arrived to Univison and Telefutura signals, starting monday December 7th. Learn more about this exiting new venture we have for you.

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¿When did the digital transition take place?

June 12, 2009.

Why will I soon see changes in the way Univision and TeleFutura appear on my TV screen?

Because Univision and TeleFutura are now improving their signal even more, and will soon begin broadcasting in high definition, which is the highest quality image available. That could cause changes in the way you view our channels on your screen.

When will Univision and TeleFutura begin broadcasting in HD?

December 7, 2009, 12:01 AM (local time):

New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta


December 14, 2009, 12:01 AM (local time):

Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Fresno, Houston, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Francisco, Bakersfield

December 21, 2009, 12:01 AM (local time):

Miami, Phoenix, Douglas, Flagstaff, Tucson, Salt Lake City

Will everything be in HD as of that date?

Our signal will be broadcast in HD but not all of our programming will be viewed technically in HD. The first program filmed entirely in high definition, which will be seen with the full sharpness and beauty of HD will be the Tournament of Roses Parade, airing live on January 1st.  Be on the lookout because we'll be adding more and more HD programs to our lineup in the coming months. Remember that you'll only be able to enjoy the total HD experience if you have an HD TV set.

What changes will I notice?

You may begin to view our channels:

1. With black bars on the sides (“pillar box” format)

2. With horizontal black bars on top and bottom (“letterbox” format)

3. As a rectangle in the center of the screen (“postage stamp” format)

What determines what format I'll see?

It depends on what type of TV set you have, on how you receive our signal, if directly over the air with an antenna or by using a converter box, or by cable or satellite

If I don't like the format I'm viewing, can I change it?

Yes, you probably can through your TV set, your converter box or your cable box.

How do I change it through my TV set?

If you have an HD set, you can change the format by accessing the menu, or in some cases, with the remote control. Many widescreen digital TV sets, even if they're not HD, also include that option. Check to see if yours has the feature. It can appear as "Mode," "Aspect Ratio" or "Format."

What happens if my set is older, not a widescreen and not digital?

Older TV sets with square screens don't offer that option.

In that case, how can I change the viewing format?

If you have a set that is not digital and you're using the converter box you bought for the digital transition, you can probably change the viewing format through the actual box. In many models this is done through the box's remote control. When you hit the button for that feature, the image changes to the different formats and you can choose the one you like best.

I subscribe to cable/satellite. Can I change the viewing format if I don't like the one I'm getting?

Cable and satellite providers broadcast in a format that is predetermined by them. If your TV set has the option to change the viewing format, you can do so that way. If not, some cable boxes have a setting for that. Check yours. You can also call the cable/satellite company if you have any questions.

How will I know when a program is airing in HD?

If you have an HD set, you'll notice right away because the image quality will be spectacular. But there will also be a symbol on the screen indicating that the show is being broadcast in HD, and we will announce it as well.


Where can I find out more about all of this?

You'll find lots of information at, uniclave HD.

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