How to participate in La Idea

How to participate in La Idea

La Idea will be accepting applications in the summer 2012. We encourage you to begin developing their ideas and proposals.

Develop your idea!

La Idea will begin accepting applications in the summer of 2012. Although the competition will not be opening until then, we encourage entrepreneurs to begin developing their ideas and proposals. In order to support entrepreneurs, the La Idea partnership has developed some specialized tools. Please see "Develop your idea" Tab for additional information.

The final award event is expected to take place during the Global Entrepreneurship Week in November 2012. Final details of the competition will not be released until the competition opens. A broad outline of is described below to help businesses begin begin pulling together their business proposals.

Business Size:

There will be no restrictions to the size of the business or sector the business operates in. La Idea is seeking the most promising ideas for sustainable commercially-oriented business that meet the eligibility criteria outlined below:

Business Location:

• Proposals for the first round must be implemented in one of the following countries:

        - Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Note: South America is not included in this current round, however, it is anticipated that there will be subsequently rounds, which will focus on South America. For these entrepreneurs, business counseling and mentoring through the SBDCs can be accessed immediately even though La Idea is not accepting those applications currently.

Business Structure:

• A diaspora entrepreneur who has Latin America heritage, but is living outside Latin America, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality and who are willing to contribute to the development of the region.


• Proposals must represent collaboration between the U.S. based diaspora and a local entrepreneur in one of the eligible countries. Proposals can be submitted by either the diasporan or local entrepreneur as long as they are doing so in partnership with each other.

• Ideas may be submitted by Latin America-based entrepreneurs, an individual diaspora member, a group of diaspora members or a diaspora-owned business based in the U.S.

• Ideas may be submitted by a member (or members) of the Latin America diaspora in the United States as a citizen or permanent resident.

• True Partnership: Ideas must be submitted in partnership with a local Latin America entrepreneur, a group of entrepreneurs or a business located in the region where the business is or will be established.

Project Scoring:

Proposals will be evaluated based on their:

• project strategy

• development impact,

• sustainability,

• scalability, and

• resource leveraging capability.

For updates on La Idea, please check back here.  To receive information and updates when it becomes available, please email us at LA IDEA2012@UNIVISION.COM

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