Border Security Special

The matter of border security comes to mind whenever a crisis related to illegal entry along the southern U.S. border emerges, like that of the migrant children from Mexico and Central America, who are again revealing the problems this country has with its immigration system.

In recent years, not only have thousands of miles of wall been built, but there has also been a substantial increase in resources for the agencies in charge of controlling the border, and in the number of officers who try to prevent entry by migrants coming from the south.

However, the bottom line is not clear. The number of migrants has fluctuated, but this is not always related to an increase in controls. Migrants have contrived to find ways of getting to the United States, even at the expense of their own safety. The cost of making the journey has increased. And the migration continues, as demonstrated by the case of the children.

The following visual presentation, provided by Data4 for Univision Noticias, brings together all these elements. By using the navigation bar at the top of the screen, it is possible to follow the dynamics of all topics related to security: the number of officers, the apprehensions, the changes in the routes, the fees paid to "coyotes," and the deaths occurring along the border. Some of the visualizations have information dating back to 1960; others have more recent information.

Visualization: Data4 for Univision Noticias. Photo: Getty Images. Programming: Edmundo Hidalgo, Cary Tabares. Project management: José Fernando López.

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