Maintain a high consumption of alcohol can be very dangerous for your health. Increases the likelihood of developing cancer, cirrhosis, hypertension, etc.
16 Abr 2014 – 5:31 PM EDT

High consumption of alcohol is one of the worst enemies of the body because it increases the risk of various diseases that can cause death. The liver is commonly known as the organ most vulnerable to alcohol abuse because of the possibility of developing cirrhosis and even cancer.

However, liquor has a wide negative impact on your body. It can generate a chronic inflammation of the pancreas, leading to diabetes; can cause bleeding in the esophagus, and severe damage to the stomach. Alcohol abuse is also linked to cardiovascular problems, hypertension, obesity and fatigue.

When the body is intoxicated with alcohol, changes in temperament are generated that can lead to stress, depression, and even suicide. People who drink alcohol regularly tend to perform low in school and at work, and become a problem for family and friends.

Despite being one of the most common social practices, it is important to have control over the consumption of alcohol and be alert to when your life starts to suffer. 

In summary:

Alcoholism occurs when you show signs of physical addiction to intoxicating drinks and you continue to consume them despite developing poor physical and mental health. Alcoholism leads to evading social, family and work responsibilities.

Cirrhosis ischronic liver damage usually caused by alcoholism, but can also be a result of hepatitis B or C. Once in an advanced stage, the disease may be irreversible, causing cancer and even death.

The main functions of the liver are filtering the blood, and thus detoxifying the body of harmful substances, and synthesizing some vital proteins.

If you feel the need to drink every week, you may have alcohol problems and should seek help from a specialist. 


The Department of Health and Human Services of the United States recommends that:

-Women should not drink more than one glass of alcohol a day.

-Men should not drink more than two a day.

-Remember not to operate machinery or drive when you have had a drink. Even if you do not feel intoxicated, your reaction time is decreased.

-Note that there are situations where it is harmful to have even one drink; for example, if you are taking certain medications or are pregnant.

-Avoid getting drunk, and if you find yourself repeatedly in this state, do not hesitate to seek help from friends, family and organizations specialized in treating this addiction.

-Choose drinking water and juice instead of alcohol.