The first generation of artists we showcased at U-LAB, produced by Javier Limón and Nacho González.

U-LAB White Sessions: Débo Ray

Trained in operatic singing and classical music, this vocalist now dabbles in jazz and world music.

Débo Ray performs as part of U-LAB's White Sessions. |

Este guitarrista toma el jazz y lo incorpora con ritmos de su Brasil natal.
Esta contrabajista y cantante navega entre géneros, épocas e idiomas gracias a su herencia multicultural.
Every quarter, U-LAB will be showcasing up-and-coming artists that you need to know. Introducing the first class of artists, which we recorded last fall in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Eduardo Mercuri: 'Pro Emi' (White Sessions) 2:40 2:40
    El guitarrista brasileño Eduardo Mercuri le dedica esta canción a su hermano Emilio, quien es profesor universitario pero toca música como hobby. Esta grabación forma parte de los 'White Sessions' de U-LAB, producidos por Javier Limóm y Nacho González.
  • Majik Moon La Goon: 'To The Moon' (White Sessions) 4:46 4:46
    This indie-folk trio formed in the fall of 2016 after members Felipe 'Chaco' Campos and Tom Hampton moved to Brooklyn from Boston. This recording was filmed live as part of U-LAB's White Sessions.
  • Elif and Paul Sánchez Project: 'Había una vez' (White Sessions) 3:38 3:38
    The couple wrote this song together last summer, as they were visiting each other's families in Turkey and Ecuador for the first time and before getting married in the fall. Elif and Paul Sánchez are part of U-LAB's White Sessions. Shot and recorded live in one take in Boston.
  • Nella busca romper los estereotipos de las artistas latinas en Estados U... 2:34 2:34
    Inauguramos los White Sessions de U-LAB con Nella, una cantante venezolana que incorpora soul, pop, jazz y R&B bilingüe en su repertorio.
  • Desmond Scaife, Jr: "This music is the response to oppression, connected... 1:29 1:29
    Born and raised in Auburn, Alabama, Desmond is one of the artists from U-LAB's 'White Sessions'. Desmond grew up surrounded by music at his church with his minister father and choir director/pianist mother and also influenced by soul artists like Nina Simone and Stevie Wonder. "I realized that all these musicians I looked up to, they lived during a very horrible time in American history, where it was on the law books to discriminate against their humanity", says Desmond. "How could you not understand that this music is the response to oppression? That this music is connected much more to the heart than the head?"
  • He wrote a song for her. They ended up performing the song together....a... 1:50 1:50
    Paul Sánchez and Elif Cakmut met as students at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Sánchez, a trumpet player, wrote a song called 'A través de tus ojos' ('Through Your Eyes'), and asked Elif her thoughts - without telling her she was the inspiration behind it . "I never thought in the future we would be together and we would marry. It’s not like now, wow, I'm in love with him," says Elif, but something did change. "I started to think completely different about him after that moment." They now record as the Elif and Paul Sánchez Project.