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The TOP 12 moments from H2O Music Festival 2013

With English & Spanish speaking artists, the H2O Music Festival became one of the most attractive summer festivals throughout USA.  
19 Ago 2013 – 02:30 AM EDT

LOS ANGELES, California -. Featuring artists who speak Spanish and English, the H2O Music Festival (Now the Uforia Music Festival) is one of the most attractive summer festivals throughout the U.S. You've seen live coverage through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and now we have the TOP 12 best moments from the 2013 festival. Check out our countdown.

12. The FOOD!

No one ever had an empty stomach because of the variety and quantity of food stalls and 'food trucks' located in the festival grounds!  

11. La Santa Cecilia

The pride of Los Angeles, LaSanta Cecilia, with their hybrid rhythms of cumbia, bossa nova, bolero, rumba and rock, closed with a bang on the Chevron stage, which also had outstanding performances from up and coming artists Forever Farewell, Domino Saints, Don Tetto, Becky G and Jessica Sanchez. [ FOTOS]

10. Tattoos, Fashion, & Fasionistas

Miles went to listen to live music dressed informally but instead those who saw him were dazzled by his tattoos, hats, hairstyles and of course no shortage of fashionistas![ FOTOS

9. Extra! A very special marriage proposal at the H2O Music Festival

Those at the H2O Music Festival witnessed a unique and unusual moment that very few people dare to do in public and in front of thousands nonetheless: this brave and daring spectator asked his girlfriend to marry him during the concert. She finally said the big 'Yes'.

8. Backstage and behind the scenes of H2O Music Festival!

Lucky are those who had the joy of being backstage and enjoying their favorite artists whose experiences and stories with them will never forget. [ FOTOS

7. The performance and great delivery by Frankie J

If you've never had the chance to see Frankie J Live, you may not know how incredible it is to viewers and how he gives all of himself in each of his songs, which are a fusion of rhythms of R & B and Latin pop. [ FOTOS]

6. Prince Royce's special kiss for a special fan

Many wanted to be in her place but only she was chosen from thousands. This lucky fan of Prince Royce took to the stage with a song dedicated to her, a rose and a kiss she'll never forget. [ FOTOS]

5. The Massive Crowds

Enduring long hours and relentless heat which reached well over 80º F, we applaud the thousands of spectators who enjoyed the H2O Music Festival

4. The Live Audio Stream of H2O Music Festival on UFORIA

AQUÍ3. Roberto Tapia

Roberto Tapia sang his most famous corridos and seduced an varied crowd of young and old, who never stopped singing along to his songs & corridos. [ FOTOS]

2. The acclaimed rappers A Tribe Called Quest

The legendary group took the stage and brought every single person to their feet.  Marking their final performance every in Los Angeles, A Tribe Called Quest showed everyone why they are undoubtably one of the greatest hip hop groups to ever grace the stage.

1. Pitbull: Mira mami que tú estás rica!

Pitbull closed with a HOT performance and turned the H2O Music Festival in a massive party that shook the Los Angeles State Historic Park. Undoubtedly the most anticipated, acclaimed and applauded at the 2013 festival.[ FOTOS]

¿Y a ti que fue lo que más te gustó del H2O Music Festival?


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