This is how some designers wanted the Trump border wall to look like, but they were turned down

About 200 prototypes were presented to build the border wall proposed by President Donald Trump. Some by way of protest and others quite serious, were rejected by the federal administration when the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency announced the start of construction of eight selected models. The chosen prototypes belonging to six construction companies have not been revealed. These are some of the designs that were rejected.

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Publicado: 29 Sep | 04:39 PM EDT
Acueducto de flujo constante a lo largo del lado americano para suminist...
Aqueduct: Water flows on the north side to supply areas near a 22-foot high wall covered with solar panels that would generate electricity for sale to Mexico to finance construction. This proposal called for undocumented immigrants to participate in a one-year "special work program" that would give them limited US legal status. Foto: Advanced Warning Systems. | Univision
El muro de cortina: Un diseño al estilo de los castillos medievales que...
The Curtain: A medieval castle style design that would make it difficult to climb while Border Patrol agents would have a better observation position. Foto: San Diego Project Management. | Univision
Una alternativa presentada por una empresa de Miama que está inspirada e...
Ecological: An alternative presented by a Miami company that is inspired by the natural landscape of the border, making a wall redundant. Foto: Domo Architecture + Design. | Univision
Un diseño al estilo de la ‘Gran Muralla China’ que incluye una carretera...
Wall: A 'Great Wall of China' style design that includes a road along the top of the border. Foto: Crisis Resolution Security Services Inc. | Univision
Un muro de concreto con paneles solares para generar electricidad para v...
Solar: A concrete wall with solar panels to generate electricity to sell to Mexico and with that would pay its cost. Foto: Gleason Partners. | Univision
Muro tridimensional: El diseño de esta compañía tecnológica y de constru...
Technological: The design of this company from San Diego, California would begin using drones to develop a three-dimensional space model of the terrain. The proposed wall would have cameras, microwave sensors and fiber optics designed to detect intrusions. Foto: vScenario. | Univision
Muro memorial: Diseño conjunto de empresas de Iowa que sería construido...
Memorial: A joint design by Iowa companies that would be constructed with reinforced concrete to make it more durable, with underground foundations that impede tunneling, as well as engravings to create a memorial monument. Foto: Reilly Construction and Croell Inc. | Univision
Diseño de armazón ligero a base de concreto premoldeado y malla.
Simple and basic: Light frame design based on precast concrete and mesh. Foto: Quantum Logistics. | Univision
Un manifiesto elaborado por académicos de la Universidad de California e...
Seasaw: Drawn up by academics at the University of California in protest against the wall for ignoring cultural diversity and richness on the border. Foto: Borderwall as Architecture. | Univision
La propuesta prevé la creación de Otra Nation, una co-nación mexicana y...
Hyperloop: Envisages the creation of 'Otra Nation', a Mexican and U.S. neutral zone with shared infrastructure and a high-speed transportation system known as 'hyperloop' along the border. Foto: MADE Collective. | Univision
Presentado por una compañia de Minnesota que sería fabricado con barras...
Sloping bars: Presented by a Minnesota company, it that would be made with steel bars tilted at 30 degrees so it can't easily be climbed and Border Patrol agents can monitor through the fence. Foto: Chanlin Inc. | Univision
El muro con amplios sistemas de sensores para detectar intentos de intru...
Sensitive: The wall with extensive sensor systems to detect attempts to intrude both above the building and below the ground. Foto: DarkPulse Technologies. | Univision
Diseñadores y artistas, todas mujeres de Pittsburg, colaboraron en una p...
A musical body: Designers and artists, all women from Pittsburgh, collaborated on a proposal focused more on rejecting the construction of the wall. One design imagines three million hammocks tied to 30-foot trees. Another sketch proposed a semicontinuous wall of almost 10 million organ pipes with openings every 20 feet that would allow people to pass through. Foto: J.M. Design Studio. | Univision
El muro garra: Un concepto de muro de concreto en curca de 30 pies de al...
The claw: A 30-foot-high concrete wall concept called 'Talon Wall'. Foto: RS1 Holdings Inc. | Univision
Sistema de paneles prefabricados para formar un muro en zig-zag.
Zigzag: System of prefabricated panels to form a zig-zag wall. Foto: Hadrian Construction Company. | Univision
Con vista o sin vista: Diseño de una empresa de Forth Worth, Texas, que...
With or without a view: Designing a company in Forth Worth, Texas, who complained about the federal administration's bidding process. Foto: Penna Gruop. | Univision
El muro rosa: Diseñado por arquitectos de Guadalajara, México, como una...
Pink wall: Designed by architects from Guadalajara, Mexico, as a way of imagining "in all its magnificent perversity" the work of President Trump. Foto: Estudio 3.14 | Univision