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12 Sep 2021 – 07:24 pm ET

Uninsurable": how urban growth and more hurricanes are making property insurance riskier

To avoid an insurance crisis, "we, as a society, have to prepare for this... everything has to change, says an authors of a new report by one of the largest reinsurance companies in the world. Otherwise, the risk will grow until some properties become "uninsurable".
29 Ago 2021 – 02:31 pm ET

Back to square one: with the Taliban back in power, will Afghanistan again become a haven for terrorists?

After the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the US invaded Afghanistan to hunt down Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, to whom the Taliban provided safe haven. Now that they are back in power, will they open their doors again to extremist Islamic groups?
23 May 2021 – 07:13 pm ET

Memories of a Gaza summer

I could see the growing Palestinian anger and frustration after decades of Israeli military occupation. That was 40 years ago, and it has only kept growing. ( Leer en español)
28 Dic 2020 – 04:46 pm ET

Covid lessons: what my father’s wartime diaries taught me about living through adversity

Christmas 1940 was the worst of all times in Britain. Most of Europe had fallen to the Nazis and Hitler was trying to bomb London into submission. My father, aged 20, was training to be an Air Force pilot though he had his misgivings about bombing Germany. ( Leer en español)
20 Dic 2020 – 04:20 pm ET

How an immigrant scientist paved the way for covid-19 vaccine

Katalin Karikó saw her early research rejected but she persisted and is now tipped for a Nobel Prize together with her colleague Dr Drew Weissman. Their breakthrough invention is now the key to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, and could open the door to new medical cures. ( Leer en español)
26 May 2020 – 08:51 pm ET

Six Flags anuncia estrictas medidas de seguridad para evitar contagios por coronavirus una vez vuelva a abrir

Six Flags Fiesta Texas no ha anunciado un fecha de reapertura. No obstante, la compañía matriz implementó un sistema para evitar la propagación de coronavirus. El gobernador de Texas, Greg Abbott, anunció la nueva fase de reapertura de negocios en el estado que incluyen parques acuáticos y ‘food courts’ o áreas de comida en centros comerciales durante la pandemia del coronavirus.
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21 May 2020 – 03:59 pm ET

Are US and Iran headed for a showdown in Venezuela over gasoline shipments?

Five Iranian tankers carrying gasoline are headed for Venezuela and are forecast to arrive this weekend in a sign of expanding economic chaos in Latin America’s one-time largest oil producer. ( Leer en español)
6 min de lectura
1 May 2020 – 01:58 pm ET

Which country is “the best in the world on testing” for coronavirus?

In Trump’s fairytale the U.S. has tested much more than anybody else - combined. But the truth is that the United States ranks well behind many other countries.
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14 Abr 2020 – 08:52 pm ET

In post-covid-19 world, no “back to normal”

The unprecedented pandemic has paralyzed much of the world. But, the virus could accelerate adoption of new technologies, such as drones, robots and artificial intelligence in the workplace and at home. Could it also threaten world order? ( Lea este articulo en español)
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26 Mar 2020 – 03:08 am ET

Warm weather no miracle cure for spread of coronavirus, experts say

President Donald Trump says the coronavirus will "miraculously" disappear when the warmer weather arrives. But experts say science doesn't support that. ( Leer en español)
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20 Mar 2020 – 10:32 pm ET

Univision News presents special edition of Aquí y Ahora: 'Faces of Coronavirus: A Discussion with the Experts'

On Sunday, Univision News will air a special edition of Aquí y Ahora in collaboration with Facebook. Teresa Rodríguez, Jorge Ramos and Dr. Juan Rivera will tell the stories of people affected by 'covid-19' and answer questions from the Hispanic community.
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17 Mar 2020 – 03:28 pm ET

UK opts for less drastic coronavirus containment strategy. But is it a good idea?

The British government is facing criticism for having decided to allow spread of Covid-19 to infect low-risk people, supposedly to reduce stress on health services and build up immunity. Critics say the strategy risks lives. (Leer en español)
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12 Mar 2020 – 03:34 pm ET

Perfect storm: coronavirus and an oil price war lead US towards recession

While it’s not as big a crisis as the 2008 mortgage debt crisis, the oil and gas sector is expecting thousands of job losses, with knock on effects across the entire economy. (Leer en español)
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8 Jul 2018 – 01:55 pm ET

UK cave expert explains the keys to risky Thailand rescue

A huge military and civilian rescue operation is racing against the clock to save 13 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave complex. Heavy monsoon rains are expected on Sunday, threatening further flooding. Face masks and air space will be essential to navigate poorly mapped cave passages, says Bill Whitehouse, vice chairman of the British Cave Rescue Council.
8 May 2018 – 04:36 pm ET

If Trump kills Iran deal; what next?

President Trump said on Monday that he was ready to announce whether he would pull the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal and his decision is expected at 2pm (EST) today.
20 Ene 2018 – 01:23 am ET

Is this Gerda Taro, famed Spanish Civil War photographer?

Gerda Taro was the first woman photojournalist to be killed in a war, when she was run over by a tank in 1937. No images of her body have ever been seen ... until now?
16 Ene 2018 – 09:19 pm ET

Why Trump's racist insults threaten a fragile Haiti eight years after the earthquake

Haiti, which depends on charity and remittances, gets the largest chunk of U.S. aid of any country in the region. But that's fallen 25% since Trump became president.
15 Feb 2018 – 11:05 pm ET

Florida: No home in paradise

Some of Hurricane Irma’s most startling images came out of Florida: millions of cars fleeing north to escape the storm; the streets of Miami's financial district, Brickell, turned into rivers; destruction in the Keys. Some 50 to 75 people died across the state as a result of Irma.
23 Ene 2018 – 05:46 pm ET

Cuba: Crumbling old homes in Cuba won't survive another storm

Irma affected 13 of Cuba’s 15 provinces and left a dozen dead. It also exposed the island’s Achilles’ heel: ageing and fragile housing. Every storm makes thousands of already deteriorating homes even more vulnerable to collapse. Some on the island want to know how they can build more resistant homes without a wealth of materials and in spite of bureaucratic red tape.
26 Ene 2018 – 05:01 pm ET

Turks & Caicos: Battered by Irma and Maria, but open for business

In the span of two weeks, Turks and Caicos was hit by both Irma and Maria. Three of the islands, South Caicos, Grand Turk and Salt Cay, were hit the hardest. As 90% of the economy of those islands depends on tourists, hoteliers organized quickly to clean up the destruction and get their hotels back up and running.