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22 Oct 2021 – 02:05 pm ET

Abortion Battle Bridges the Border

Mexican feminists are organizing to help Texas women sidestep their state’s abortion ban by using the Mexican model of women helping women. Feminists from both countries will meet on the Mexican border in January to develop an action plan.
14 Oct 2021 – 11:12 pm ET

Pati Jinich on La Frontera

Pati Jinich is many things: she is a chef, was a political analyst, has a master's degree in Latin American studies and above all, has a very special sensibility to understand what brings people from different cultures together. In a Spanglish conversation she tells us about her new project exploring the culture and food of "la frontera," and warns which Mexican restaurants we should never go to.
7 Oct 2021 – 10:29 pm ET

Mexico's War on U.S. Guns

As U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken heads to Mexico for high-level security talks on Friday, the Mexican government is setting its sights on the U.S. gun industry. Mexico has filed a lawsuit against 6 leading U.S. gun manufacturers they accuse of “actively facilitating the unlawful trafficking of their guns to drug cartels in Mexico.”
3 Oct 2021 – 10:32 pm ET

Vanessa Guillen's family battling in Congress to get military reforms into defense bill

A new amendment in the U.S. Senate would allow victims of sexual abuse to claim damages from the government. ( Leer en español)
30 Sep 2021 – 10:54 pm ET

Sonia Manzano: From the Bronx to Sesame Street

For many “Maria” on Sesame Street was the first Latina they remember seeing on television. Sonia Manzano, who played the iconic character for 44 years, joins us to reflect on her role on one of the most successful children’s series of all time and explain what inspired her to return to the small screen with her new kids show “Alma’s Way.”
24 Sep 2021 – 03:51 pm ET

Haiti on the Edge

Weeks before mounted border patrol agents were pictured aggressively charging Haitian immigrants in Del Rio, Texas, we went to Haiti to document the political and environmental catastrophes that have combined to create one of the most urgent refugee crises in the world.
16 Sep 2021 – 11:34 pm ET

"Language Lessons" with Natalie Morales

Virtual meetings are an everyday part of our lives during the pandemic. But can you imagine making an entire movie on Zoom? Cuban-American actor and director Natalie Morales did exactly that in her latest bilingual film "Language Lessons." The story follows an American man (Mark Duplass) and a Latin American woman (Natalie Morales) who form a bond through online Spanish classes. We met up with Natalie (yes, on Zoom) to discuss finding new ways to innovate production during lockdown, identity, Latina representation in Hollywood, and Cuba's protests for freedom.
9 Sep 2021 – 10:42 pm ET

#NEVERFORGET: The Immigrants of 9/11

Twenty years after 9/11, we reflect on the immigrants behind the historic Windows on the World, the famous restaurant inside the World Trade Center that once sat above the Manhattan sky. Warning: Sensitive content from 9/11 attacks in this story.
2 Sep 2021 – 11:15 pm ET

Pose: Mj Rodriguez

Afro-Latina actor and singer Mj Rodriguez made TV history with her role as Blanca Evangelista on the hit LGBTQ series Pose. Now she’s ready to do it again at this month’s 2021 Emmy Awards where she’s up for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Her nomination marks the first for a trans woman in a major acting category.
27 Ago 2021 – 01:42 am ET

Sandra Cisneros

"No matter where I go, I will be at home, because I have found that home within me,” Sandra Cisneros tells Jorge Ramos, discussing her legacy as an author, why she left the U.S. for Mexico, and the inspiration behind her latest work, Martita, I Remember You.
19 Ago 2021 – 11:11 pm ET

Canelo: Love and Legacy

He's the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. As he prepares to potentially become Mexico’s first undisputed middleweight champ, Canelo Álvarez talks love and legacy with Jorge Ramos.
13 Ago 2021 – 07:07 pm ET

Gusanos for Dinner

Would you eat a cockroach, or a worm, or a grasshopper? Many experts believe that to tackle global hunger, or just to improve our diet, what we have to do is exactly that, add bugs to our daily menu.
1 Sep 2021 – 12:48 am ET

The War on Voting

Today, Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered another special session of the State Legislature to try to pass a restrictive voting bill for the third time. Texas has become the frontline in the war on voting rights being waged around the country. We traveled to Austin to see first-hand what these bills will do and why so many groups are rallying against them.
24 Jul 2021 – 07:30 pm ET

Saint or sinner: Moïse's assassination in Haiti revives racial tensions

The widow of the assassinated president of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, says he was a brave man who stood up to the country's corrupt oligarchy. But her critics say he was largely to blame. ( Leer en español)
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22 Jul 2021 – 11:03 pm ET

Refugee Destination: Mexico

Mexico has received more than 51,000 asylum requests so far this year, and could be on pace to process roughly the same number of new asylum cases as U.S. did in 2018, before the pandemic.
19 Jul 2021 – 02:00 pm ET

President Biden's unforeseen dilemma in Haiti and Cuba

The assassination of Haiti's president and the unprecedented protests in Cuba have put the spotlight on an often overlooked Caribbean. Does the Biden administration have any answers? ( Leer en español)
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15 Jul 2021 – 11:33 pm ET


#SOSCUBA has jumped from the virtual space to the streets. Protests erupting throughout Cuba and its diaspora this week call for an end to the Cuban government’s repressive regime as an out-of-control pandemic pushes the island’s limited basic resources past their breaking point. And the government’s violent response- cutting off internet access and arresting dozens of protesters- has failed to silence a cry for freedom that is resonating around the globe.
1 Sep 2021 – 12:41 am ET

Nicaragua Held Captive

Targeted U.S. sanctions against Daniel Ortega’s repressive regime have failed to curb a violent government crackdown in Nicaragua. Now, the U.S.’ old cold war nemesis is going on the offensive. Ortega is rounding up the country’s top opposition candidates, business leaders, journalists, and activists in a brazen attempt to torpedo next November’s elections and remain in power at all costs.
15 Jul 2021 – 05:10 pm ET

Mexico’s Record Homicide and Covid Deaths

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected in 2018 on the promise of turning around Mexico’s record levels of violence. But almost 90,000 people have been killed in the nearly three years since AMLO took office, and the country also has the fourth highest number of COVID deaths in the world. Jorge Ramos pressed the Mexican President on both figures during a recent “mañanera” press conference.
28 Jun 2021 – 02:29 pm ET

Vaccine diplomacy: how the US is overtaking China and Russia

Across Latin America, China has carried out a successful vaccine diplomacy campaign, delivering shipments of its drugs as part of a global effort to increase its power and influence. The United States is now on track to overtake China, but some experts say the Biden administration should do more for Latin America. ( Leer en español)
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