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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 103

Marcelo trata de pasar la noche con Daniela, pero no puede dejar de pensar en Lucía. Daniela descubre que Rafael y Rebeca son amantes.
22 Sep 2021 – 12:57 AM EDT

announcer: televisa presents...i you were coming?daniela: because i wanted to surprise you.and this is not it. marcelo: what surprise?you need help? daniela: i'm fine.marcelo: careful, careful. daniela: [laughs]what do you think? marcelo: this is great.since when can you walk? daniela: i've been gettingbetter, but i didn't want to talk until i was surei could stand on my own. as you can see, i don't needto go to therapy anymore. marcelo: yeah, i guess not.daniela: don't you think i deserve a prize?let's go to the bedroom. [laughter]lucia: the water was freezing. roman: look.we'll warm up by the fire. lucia: yeah.hold me. i'm sorry, roman.daniela: why did you stop? lucia: i can't.marcelo: i'm sorry, daniela. i'm so sorry.lucia: [sobs] daniela: it's because of lucia,isn't it? you still love her.marcelo: you know how much she meant to me.i thought i was ready to be with someone else, but i'm not.daniela: i don't deserve to be treated like this.don't forget i never asked you to get back together with me.marcelo: i know, daniela. i feel terrible about it.daniela: oh, so you feel bad. what does that mean?that you're dumping me again? you promised me you'd neverdo that again. marcelo: it's not so bad.daniela: isn't it? it's obvious you can't standme kissing or touching you. let alone make love to me.marcelo: daniela, i need time, until things get back to normal.daniela: i don't know if i can give you that time.i've had enough. marcelo: where are you going?be care-- daniela: i don't care.i can't stay here. marcelo: let me help you.daniela: don't worry, i'm fine by myself.don't bother to walk me out, i know the way.lucia: [sobs] [phone rings]lety: hello? gloria: hi, lety, it's gloria.lety: what do you want? gloria: to say i told you so.i knew sergio hadn't gotten over nora yet.i'm so sorry. lety: leave me alone!gloria: wait, don't hang up. i just wanted to ask youif maybe you wanted to have some coffee with me.maybe we end up being friends. lety: we'll never be friends,so go have coffee by yourself. idiot!i hate you! i hate you and nora![doorbell rings] nora: tere, someone'sat the door. teresa!ricardo: i've always loved this house.nora: i don't know what you're doing here,but you should know my mom isn't home.ricardo: i'm not here to see your mom, i'm here to see you.nora: me? ricardo: yeah.nora: why? ricardo: to give yousome advice. you're too young and too prettyto ruin your life. nora: why do you thinki'm ruining my life? ricardo: i've heardyou're doing exactly what your mom did.i'm talking about that damn habit of yours of messingwith another woman's man. be very careful,if you don't stop, you could get into a lotof problems. nora: i don't know whatyou're talking about. ricardo: i think you do.listen to me. it's not too lateto start fresh, to change your lifeand to avoid turning into what your mother has far, you've just stolen your sister's boyfriend.just like she did years ago to hers.nora: that silly story you made up about my motheris not true. you didn't leave my auntmagdalena because of her. ricardo: your mom is responsiblefor that and a lot more. if you want to know whatthat is... you know where to find me.have a nice day. nora: [pants]amador: look, your niece fired him without cause.i need your help to hire him back.rebeca: i'd rather stay out of it.amador: rebeca, we said we'd work together.rebeca: i have enough problems with my niece alreadyto antagonize her now. amador: vinicio isn't just anyemployee, he's got my full trust.rebeca: do you owe him something?i mean, why are you defending him?amador: i don't owe anyone anything.fine, maybe you're right and it's not worth itto fight for just one employee. just remember his severancecould cost us. rebeca: why would it?if i'm not wrong, he's only worked here for a short time.amador: yeah, maybe you're right.rebeca: maybe. roman: may i come in?lucia: sure, come on in. roman: i think we need to talk.lucia: roman, i'm sorry, okay? i promise i'm trying my bestto make this work. roman: you shouldn't should be easy. anyway, i'm the onewho should be sorry. lucia:, you shouldn't be, why? roman: for pressuring've always been honest with told me you needed time, and i pushed youinto a situation you're obviously not ready for.lucia: why are you so understanding?you should be angry. roman: because i love you.and, when you love someone, you respect their feelings.i can't make you feel what i want you to feel.lucia: thank you for understanding.can we go back home? please.roman: sure, whatever you want. lucia: roman...[sighs] daniela: mrs. milagros, i sweari'm desperate. no matter what i do, marcelowill never stop loving lucia. i'm so angry.i hope he knows that. milagros: i'm sorry to say this,but you were wrong to act should have been more understanding,or at least pretend to be. daniela: like that was easy.milagros: nothing is easy in life.but it would have been a lot better.daniela: i'm so mad at him that i want to do a lotof things. milagros: like what?daniela: like destroying the woman responsiblefor federico's death. milagros: what does thathave to do with what we were talking about?daniela: everything. marcelo went to pueblato find her and, there, he met lucia gaxiola.marcelo: hi, rafaela. rafaela: i finished my workat your mother's, so i came to help you finishunpacking. marcelo: thank you.rafaela: what's that? marcelo: [sighs]it's daniela's. she doesn't need it anymoreand she left it as a souvenir. rafaela: you don't soundso good. marcelo: we just had a terribleargument. rafaela: and you've gotmany more to come. couples always fight,especially if they don't love each other.don't tell me you really love that girl.if you didn't before, i don't see how you could now.marcelo: i have to try. rafaela: to hell with trying.what you need to do is stop playing dumb, man upand end that so-called relationship.the longer you take, the more you'll hurt herand the worse you'll feel. marcelo: that's enough.i'm so confused. rafaela: i don't see's pretty obvious. you love someone else.and you're miserable because you're not with have to end it, marcelo. be a man.[sirens] magdalena: i won't takemuch of your time. i just wanted to let you knowthey found the woman who was working at adriana's housewhen she died. sara: really?that's great news. magdalena: not really.she disappeared again. sara: really? how?magdalena: the police called mr. nazario to tell himthey'd found her. when he got there,they had already let her go. they questioned herabout what happened to mrs. trini,but, since they didn't have enough evidence, they let hergo. sara: nazario didn't ask themwhere he could find her? magdalena: of course,but they wouldn't tell him. sara: god, i can't believe it!magdalena: i think it might be worth doing what nazariosuggested, using the internet to find her.sara: yeah, what do we have to lose?i have to go. i'm meeting a colleague,and he's waiting for me. use my computer.i'll be back in half an hour. magdalena: great, thanks.sara: see you later. magdalena: sure.clara rosales... rosales, what was her secondlast name? valbuena?no, buena. lalo: teresita asked miss luciafor a favor, and she talked to dr. ezquerra.anyway, the thing is she went to see benitoat his home this morning. norma: that's great.i hope she can help that poor boy.lalo: i hope so. i can tell dr. ezquerrais an excellent doctor and a good least that how i feel. rebeca: what's your relationshipto dr. ezquerra? lalo: i'm sorry, miss luciatold me to talk to her regarding the sonof my neighbor. norma: she works at my house.that's why lalo was telling me about him.rebeca: you should know that woman is not what youthink. i don't want to hear you mentionher name again, got it? norma: yes, ma' take a seat, please. sara: what can i do for you? sara: i called you becausei wanted to ask you something. doctor: what is it?sara: it's about a new patient, and i want your opinionas a neurologist. doctor: sure.sara: it's a young kid, he's 16 years old.these are the tests they've done so can i take a look? sara: sure.vinicio: boss, boss. amador: you're startingto be a pain in the neck. vinicio: why, boss?don't get mad, please. so? did you fix the thing--?amador: no, it can't be fixed. if i were you, i'd start lookingfor a job. vinicio: please, it's notso easy. amador: i know it's not.i'll give you a reference letter and you'll get your severancepayment. vinicio: no, no, no!that's not enough. amador: i don't careif it's not enough for you. okay?that's all i can do. leave me alone now.i have more serious matters to deal with.vinicio: if you don't want me to give you a lot more problems,help me. amador: don't threaten me.don't threaten me, got it? if i go down, you'll go down tooand you'll go down first. to show you i'm no ingrate,i'll give you some money myself. i'll let you know tomorrowwhere and when we'll meet. vinicio: [sighs]sara: found anything? magdalena: no, nothing.nothing at all. sara: we need to thinkof another way to find that woman.magdalena: you know the worst part?sometimes, i fear i'll run into her on the streetsof puebla and i won't recognize's been so long since i last saw her.god... sara: i've never seen her,but i swear i won't stop until i've found her.magdalena: anyway, i should go. thanks.if i hear anything, i'll let you know.let me know if you get any news.sara: yeah, don't worry. magdalena: thanks.sara: good luck. magdalena: to you too.lucia: you didn't say a word the whole way here.roman: there wasn't much to say. lucia: i'm sorry, roman.i swear-- roman: you don't needto apologize anymore. when you're in love,you know it. like i said before,i won't pressure you anymore. if you ever want to be with me,you know where to find me. lucia: roman--you might not believe me, but i had a great time.roman: you might not believe me either, but me too.[fence opens and closes] marcelo: lucia!lucia: [sighs] [music][music] marcelo: i can't lie to myselfany longer. i can't live without you.lucia: me neither. marcelo: what do we do then?lucia: take me with you. marcelo: where?lucia: to the ocean. i want to see the oceanwith you. [laughs]marcelo: let's go. nora: that silly storyyou made up about my mother is not didn't leave my aunt magdalena because of her.ricardo: your mom is responsible for that and a lot more.if you want to know what that know where to find me. nora: [sobs]ricardo: i'm sorry if i caused you any problems with your wife,amador. if you want, i can talk to herand fix things. amador: that's very thoughtfulof you, ricardo, as usual, but no thanks.actually, i think our relationship is over.ricardo: meaning? amador: you heard's over. i'm not interestedin working with you any longer. you won't handle marceloescalante's case or any other case.ricardo: if that's what you want.but, first, you'd have to pay me for the worki've already done. and, most importantly,you'd have to give me my cut for the dealyou're about to close because i got that client.amador: i'm glad you remind me of things, i tend to forget.would this cover everything? there's your pay, counselor.ricardo: would you like me to leave puebla, amador?amador: to be honest, i'd love that.the truth is i think it would be best for you toobecause i won't hire you anymore.ricardo: what you just paid me isn't even enough to retireearly. amador: then get to work.find another client. our business is won't get another penny from me.from now on, you can pay your own bills.good luck. rebeca: god, honey.what's wrong? nora!please, talk to me, honey. what's wrong?honey. talk to me, honey.what is it? nora!nora: that man was here. rebeca: what man?nora: i don't want to see him. i don't want him to come back,ever. rebeca: who was it, honey?nora: ricardo marquez. rebeca: what did he want?did he say anything to you? nora: he said things about youand about me. he said it wasn't too lateto avoid turning into someone like you.[sobs] that you've done terrible thingsand that he could tell me about them.rebeca: don't listen to him, honey.he's a bastard who just wants to drive you away from me.honey-- calm down.nora: i don't want him to come back.rebeca: calm down, honey. nora: i'm scared.i'm so scared. [sobs]rebeca: it's okay, honey. it's okay.marcelo: you have the cable? lucia: yeah, it's here.where are we going, honey? marcelo: to see the ocean.lucia: where? marcelo: does that matter?lucia: no. marcelo: what will happenat your house when they realize you're not there?lucia: i don't think my sister or my aunt will carethat i'm gone. they'll probably think...marcelo: what? lucia: i don't know.that i got tired of them and left.marcelo: [laughs] lucia: won't anybody miss you?marcelo: no. [cellphone rings]lucia: i think someone misses you already.marcelo: it's my mom. let me just pull over.lucia: sure. marcelo: hello?milagros: i need you to come home, i need to talk to you.marcelo: about what? milagros: daniela, of course.marcelo: i can't, mom. i'm busy.milagros: i'll go to your place, then.we need to talk. marcelo: don't go there,i'm not home. milagros: where are you?marcelo: really, mom, i'm busy. milagros: i don't care.i want you to tell me when i can see you.marcelo: i'm really busy. i'll call you later.lucia: what was it? something important?marcelo: it was nothing. right now, there's nothingmore important than you. actually, i'll turn offmy phone. lucia: yeah, great idea.marcelo: let's go. milagros: daniela, i havesome bad news. rodrigo: come on, mom.why don't you tell me what really happened?i'm an adult. whatever it is, i'll understand.tell me. brigida:'s so painful that-- [sobs]but, perhaps, you do have a right to know--amador: please, brigida, please. keep rodrigo outof our problems. it's none of his business.brigida: the thing is-- amador: the thing isit's private. we had an arrangement,and i'm willing to keep it. brigida: i'm very happyto hear you say that. amador: see, son?things are getting better between your mother and me.please, let's not talk about it. rodrigo: all right, as you wish.[doorbell rings] rebeca: i told you to stay awayfrom my daughter. ricardo: so she told youi went to see her. well, i needed to talk to her.rebeca: you have nothing to say to her.i don't want you to see her or get anywhere near her again.ricardo: how will you stop me? will you kill melike you killed your sister? rebeca: yeah, i knowyou're telling everyone i killed her.first, magdalena, then, sara. you even told alonso--ricardo: and i'll tell nora too. i'll tell her how convenientit was for you that her father died before--before he left you for another woman.rebeca: what do you want from me?why are you doing this? ricardo: i want you to payfor promising heaven and sending me to hell.who knows? maybe we could have been happytogether, uh? rebeca: it was just sex.i didn't love you, and you didn't love me.we wouldn't have lasted. ricardo: come never know. but it's not too late to you want to try? rebeca: i don't know whyyou came back to puebla, but if you're here lookingfor money, i'll make you an offer.ricardo: i'm listening. rebeca: how much do you wantto leave for good? ricardo: i don't believe seems everyone wants me gone or dead.rebeca: maybe because no one needs will you take the deal or not?[music] lucia: [laughs]it's wonderful. marcelo: i didn't nowyou liked it so much. if i had, i would have broughtyou sooner. lucia: i don't carewhat happened in the past or what we said to each other.all i care is right now. marcelo: [sighs]what do you want to do now? lucia: i want to be with youand watch the sunrise together. lalo: geez, teresita,i'm glad you thought of asking miss lucia for helpwith benito. teresa: yeah, i knewdr. ezquerra would help us. she's great.lalo: the boss's widow doesn't like her one should have heard her when she found normita and metalking about her. teresa: why do you thinkthat was? lalo: why?teresa: because she was jealous. lalo: why do you say that?teresa: i'm not entirely sure, but i think dr. ezquerraand the boss were in love. lalo: you think so?teresa: of course! i can't say for sure,but i can tell you that, every time she wentto the house to see him, his wife got furious.lalo: really? teresa: yeah!well, things between them hadn't been going wellbefore he died. they even slept in differentrooms. lalo: hey, why don't we talkabout something else? it's not nice to talkabout the boss. god rest his soul.teresa: you're right, i'm sorry. anyway, what mattersis that benito has a doctor now. lalo: that's great.i've got great news. teresa: more?lalo: miss lucia finally fired vinicio.teresa: really? lalo: yeah, and i'm very happybecause i won't have to see him again.i'm so happy that i'll buy you some corn on the cob.teresa: you really know how to pleasure a woman.lalo: how are you, cuco? cuco: fine, good evening.lalo: give her a special. with mayo and everything.rebeca: honey. i talked to that man,and he won't bother you again. do you want me to calldr. andrade? maybe talking to him will help.i can ask him to come and see you.nora: he's not here. he left with luciafor the weekend. rebeca: does that bother you?nora: i don't care. rebeca: can i ask you somethingand you'll be honest? are you like thisbecause of what that man said about me?nora: i'm tired. rebeca: please, honey,i want to clear this. i love you with all my heart.i don't want you not to trust me.nora: everyone says bad things about one loves you. not lucia,not aunt magdalena. not even dad.rebeca: your love is enough for me.all right. i get it.i'll let you rest, honey. [sobs][cellphone rings] hello?alfredo: i had to travel to monterrey very early and,instead of going back to mexico, i came here.rebeca: you're here? alfredo: yeah.i can't wait to see you. why don't you come over?rebeca: no, i can't. alfredo: why?rebeca: my daughter isn't feeling well, and i'd liketo stay with her. alfredo: your daughter...your daughter again. fine, some other time.rebeca: [sighs] maybe i could swing by about it? [music][music] marcelo: do you like it?lucia: i love it. especially, because i'mwith you. marcelo: [sighs]the problem is we can't stay here forever.lucia: i know. marcelo: i have to go backto mexico to talk to daniela. lucia: what will you tell her?marcelo: the truth. that i love you and that i can'tlive without you. and you, what will you tellyour doctor? lucia: i don't need to talkto roman. he knows how much i love you.marcelo: i wish daniela were so understanding.i'm sure things won't be so easy with her.lucia: can you do me a favor, honey?could you wait before talking to daniela?just a bit. i want us to be together,just the two of us, before people bother'll have to deal with daniela and i, with nora.please. marcelo: so, what do you wantto do this morning? lucia: i don't know about you,but i'm going for a swim. teresa: miss, i told youyou can't come in. wait until i've announced can't barge in like this! daniela: who do you thinkyou are? get out of my way, let go of me!teresa: i'm sorry, but you need to wait,or i'll get in trouble. daniela: go do your joband get her. i need to talk to her.teresa: my job is not letting you in.i told you she's not here. daniela: let go of me!teresa: wait! daniela: how dare you touch me!who do you think you are? who do you think you are?nora: daniela? what are you doing here?daniela: i'm here to see your sister, but the cowardwon't see me. nora: why do you wantto see her? daniela: to tell herthat she'll have to kill me this time if she wantsto take marcelo from me. nora: you're wrong.lucia doesn't want to do that. she's seeing someone else.daniela: she doesn't care about dating two or three menat the same time. all the women of this familyare the same. starting with your mom.she was married and slept with-- nora: what?with whom? what were you going to say?daniela: she was married to your dad, but i'm sureshe slept with many other. teresa: don't, no, don't!let go of her! daniela: get off!teresa: stop! nora: get out!daniela: tell your sister she won't get away with itand that she better tell marcelo to be a man and at least answermy calls. nora: get out!tere, is lucia back? teresa: i guess so.i saw her bags on the stairs last night.but i looked for her and she's not in her room.i guess she didn't sleep here. miss, i'm about to go home,today's sunday. miss--[sighs] operator: the number you'vedialed is off or out of service area.nora: [pants] damn you!damn you! damn you![sobs and screams] i hate you, i hate you!i hate you! [sobs]daniela: marcelo, marcelo, marcelo, marcelo, marcelo.marcelo.