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A whole new life through adult education: How is the process of enrolling in a career technical training program?

This is what you basically need to sign up for an adult vocational course:
25 Feb 2020 – 05:39 PM EST

The process of getting an adult to study again is becoming increasingly easier, thanks to the companies that hire and are interested in having the best qualified employees in their ranks. To meet the demand, there’s an answer that has been developing for years: colleges that offer specialized education programs for adults with vocational, technical careers, English as a second language and even preparation for the GED® or a high school diploma.

You’ve already decided that you want to study. You already know which course and/or technical career you want to enroll in, and the time it’ll take you to complete the program.

So, what's next?

This is what you basically need to sign up for an adult vocational course:

  • - Have a certain minimum age: some colleges offer this type of education to people over the age of 16.
  • - Not be enrolled in High School.
  • - Have a government-issued ID.
  • - Also, in some cases, when enrolling for English Classes as a Second Language, students must take the CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems) test which evaluates the student’s basic skills, English language, and literacy skills.
  • - When enrolling in GED®, students must take the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education).
  • - When enrolling in a vocational course, there is a possibility that the TABE test can be waved, if you have a valid high school diploma.

Access to scholarships and financial aid

One of the most striking features of adult education programs is that they are valued by many entities, some governmental, which may help mitigate the cost of education, allowing advanced quality preparation, at a very low cost.

Qualified adult students can apply for District Financial Aid assistance and/or a Fee Waiver to help subsidize or cover the cost of their tuition. Furthermore, special funding from the government is allocated to assist qualified individuals with refugee/asylum status through the SAVES Refugee Educational Program.

Additionally, they might accept Federal Financial Aid funding from various agencies and businesses, as well as state and local resources.

Careers with better opportunities, without needing a university degree

Some work fields do not require professionals with “university degrees” per se, so they are a great option for those students who want to earn better salaries and have greater development opportunities.

Medical Assistant

It allows you to work with doctors in different specialties, from assisting in their agenda’s organization, to performing some clinical tasks. Upon completing this training, you can work as an insurance biller, be responsible for checking patient vitals, a phlebotomist, or perform administrative functions in a clinic or doctor’s office.


This is one of those trades where passion and taste are the greatest requirements to become the best. Some courses teach the art of cooking commercial food, baking and pastry, and the possibilities of growing in this career are endless.

Childcare Specialist

Parents are becoming increasingly focused on hiring truly qualified people to care for the most precious treasure of their lives: their children. Short childcare training courses generally last 45 hours and, once completed, you can work as a preschool teacher’s aide.

Computer Support Expert

Basic computer courses provide you with the necessary knowledge to perform in this profession. Companies generally run their own technology and software programs, and in many instances, they train their employees to do so.

Welding Technology

A short course which can be completed in one year. Upon completing this training, you may seek a job as a welder with an entry level pay of approximately $40,000.

Don’t think it twice: studying again is very easy, and even more when you want to take short courses to join the workforce as soon as possible. with the peace of mind that you are well prepared.

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