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A whole new life through adult education:

Step by step: how to go back to studying as an adult student
14 Feb 2020 – 04:01 PM EST

It’s becoming increasingly common for parents, or working adults, to return to college or university to better prepare professionally, and although many things have changed in terms of enrollment procedures, and learning methods, not knowing how to start the process, shouldn’t be a reason to feel discouraged.

Do you feel lost and don’t know where to begin?

Two things are certain: number one, you’re definitely not the first person who feels like they don’t know where to start, or who to turn to. Second, if more and more people over the age of 30 are getting their technical and/or university degrees, it mustn’t be that hard to accomplish. Right?

Step by step: how to resume higher education after several years

1. Identify the area of opportunity

First, you need to analyze the type of higher study you want to pursue. You need to think about what you like, what you’re good at, what trades you’ve been successful in, and your end goal. For example, if you’d like to work in the health sector, you could pursue a technical career as a dental or nursing assistant, just to mention a few examples, but there are many more options.

2. Lose your fear and ask

You can’t imagine how many people around you, of your generation, are studying a technical career right now. As the saying goes “a stitch in time, saves nine.” Consult with your friends, family and co-workers about how the process works, and ask them to tell you about their experiences and give you “tips” to start your new path on the right foot. Get inspired!

3. Search for the nearest school

Luckily, the local school district in Miami-Dade County has developed and perfected adult education programs in recent years, and they are becoming increasingly available to communities. Visit them in person, call them on the phone or research the careers, courses or opportunities for adults they offer through their websites. If you still don't have your GED®, which is the equivalent to a high school diploma, ask what steps to take. As you may have read not long ago: there were many people in your situation, who found solutions… So, keep that in mind.

4. Organize your activities’ calendar and look for short or medium-term careers, which are easier to accomplish

As working adults and heads of household, time is limited. That’s why most adult education programs offer great flexibility in terms of schedules and resources, so that more and more people can take full advantage of them. Some institutions offer classes during daytime and/or evening hours, and in some cases, on the weekends, while others allow students to make certain progress online. Not just that: many technical careers can be completed in just a year! Isn't that fantastic?

Now you know!

It’s time, make the decision and get ready to show the workforce how well-qualified you are by studying a technical or professional career. A bright future is ahead of you!

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