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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 102

Marcelo le pregunta a Rafaela si conoce Aída. Daniela le cuenta a Rafael que Nora tuvo intimidad con Rodrigo. Lucía y Román pasan un romántico fin de semana en una cabaña.
21 Sep 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

announcer: televisa presents... rafaela: why did you go backwith her? out of pity?marcelo: no, that's not it. maybe out of guilt.i left her knowing she truly loved me.i care for her and maybe in time...rafaela: let me tell you what i told doesn't matter what you two do to forget each other,but that love will never end. and you know why?because you can't fool the heart.marcelo: i didn't know you were here.lucia: and i didn't know i had to tell you i was coming.could you stop? i'm working,could you leave? marcelo: i'll do it gladly,but i'm working too. so, if you don't want to bewhere i am, you'll have to wait until i'm done.rodrigo: what are you thinking about?lucia: nothing. rodrigo: i just came to thankyou for letting me know my mom was at your house.i was surprised you bothered to tell me.lucia: i did it because i thought you'd be worried and itwas the right thing to do. rodrigo: that was it?i thought we were getting along. lucia: no, we're not gettingalong because there's nothing between us.rodrigo, what do you expect from me?whatever that is, look at me, it won't happen.i don't know how to make you understand.rodrigo: at least tell me you don't hate me.lucia: i don't, or wish anything bad for you said, you're already paying for what you did,look for other ways to start over.i'm not and never will be for you.milagros: you're a great actress.but above all, you're cynical. daniela: i swear i was about...milagros: why did you fake it? why have you been lying to us?daniela: i'm not faking it, at least not from the start.i swear that back at the hospital i couldn't walk.i got better but i decided to keep using the wheelchairout of fear. milagros: fear of what?daniela: i feared... that if marcelo sees i'm okay,we would leave me. milagros: that's can't you see that's not the way to keep him?when he finds out you've been lying, he will ditch you.daniela: i beg you not to tell him.milagros: i don't need to, he's no fool.and as i just found out, sooner or later, he'll realizeyou've been faking it. daniela: i don't want to losehim, i couldn't take it this time.milagros: if you don't want that to happen, stop doing stupidthings. daniela: you won't tell him,will you? milagros: okay, i won't, but youbetter find the way to end this, or it will blow up in your face.daniela: i promise. milagros: give me my scarf.and one more thing, if you really want me to be yourally, don't lie to me again, not me.nazario: hello? yes, this is he.when did it happen? i'm on my way.amador: you haven't told me what's the second condition.brigida: i'll tell you when i come back, i have to go out.amador: don't go too far, really.brigida: keep your voice down. you are in no position to demandanything. right now i'm the one that setsthe rules. if i'm telling you i'm goingout, it's because i'm going out. we'll talk when i get back.amador: it will be done your way.brigida: if you don't mind, i need to get ready.i'll tell esperanza to put all your clothes in rodrigo's room.esperanza: sir? amador: yes?esperanza: i was sweeping the sidewalk and a man came askingfor you. amador: who?esperanza: vinicio garrido. amador: you didn't let him in,did you? esperanza: of course not.i didn't trust him and made him wait outside.what do i tell him? amador: nothing.i'll take care of him. change the sheets in rodrigo'sroom, please. thanks.esperanza: rodrigo's sheets? amador: what the hell are youdoing here? i told you many times i hate youto come here. vinicio: sir, i'm sorry,i needed to talk to you and i couldn't do it over the phone.amador: couldn't you wait and see tomorrow at the office?vinicio: no, there was a problem.the boss' niece fired me, she said not to go to thefactory again. amador: why, what happened?vinicio: i had trouble with lalo, we punched each other.and she took his side. but she used it as an excuse,because she knows i'm on your side.amador: my side, okay, i'll check on that.vinicio: thanks, boss, please fix it, it's not easy tofind someone as loyal as me. just think of all the goodthings i've done for you. amador: be quiet,i'm tired of everyone thinking i owe them.get out. i'll check on it.vinicio: thanks. lalo: miss, i wanted to thankyou for defending me, and specially for firing thatguy. you made my day.lucia: no, it was about time that he left.because of him, amador fired my godfather, and now what he didto you? someone had to stop him.lalo: that's right, i never liked him,specially for being so close to zuñiga.between us, that's what troubles me, i'm afraid you'll be introuble with him. lucia: lalo, don't worry,did my godfather say when he was coming back?lalo: he just said later. lucia: in the meantime, youhave all my support to manage the workshop.lalo: thanks. you know?i wanted to thank you for asking dr. esquerra to check on benito.lucia: you don't need to thank me, i hope it helps.lalo: i hope so too. i'll walk you.your perfume smells fresh, is it fruity?nazario: where is she? >> sir, sit.i called you because i wanted to tell you we located clararosales. and i interrogated her myself.nazario: yes, you told me that, but i want to talk to her.>> i'm afraid that's not possible.nazario: why not? >> because there was nothingthat linked her to the crime and we let her go.nazario: how come? >> you said it yourselfthat you didn't think she could do that.nazario: and i still don't. but i want to talk to her aboutother things. >> what things?nazario: other things from the time when she worked at thegaxiola's house. >> if you mean the robbery a fewyears ago, no one ever filed a report.nazario: that's not it. >> so?nazario: i just want her address.>> i can't give it to you. that woman went through a lotand i don't think it's fair that you bother her.nazario: i won't bother her, i just want to talk to her.>> i can't give that to you. nazario: okay, at least i knowshe's in puebla. if you found her,i can find her too. clara: son, benito!benito: mom, i'm coming. clara: son! dear!benito: mom, i thought you weren't coming back, that theywould lock you up. >> no, no, the police justwanted to talk to her, right? clara: yes, that was all, dear.benito: so they don't think you killed that lady?clara: no, not anymore, and i'm glad they found me,because everything is clear now. >> your mom will be okay, andshe won't need to hide. clara: and i'll be even betterwhen the doctor that lalo and her girlfriend found comes tosee you. benito: when?clara: i don't know, she'll tell us when.let me give you a hug! benito: oh, mom, i'll fall.>> don't exaggerate! marcelo: i've been meaning toask you something and for some reason i couldn't.rafaela: what? marcelo: do you know who aidalugo is? rafaela: aida lugo?marcelo: yes, i saw her at a restaurant and she said i lookeda lot like my dad. don't ask me why but everythingshe said gave me the impression she was the woman for whom mydad wanted to divorce mom. rafaela: i don't remember hername, it's been so long ago. marcelo: why is it that everytime we talk about this or i mention my dad you get nervous?rafaela: nervous? not at all. it's in your head.see who's here. milagros: hey, marcelo.marcelo: hey, mom. milagros: how are you, son?marcelo: fine, thanks. rafaela: i'll be in thebedrooms, in case you need anything.milagros: come sit. marcelo: mom, don't you thinkit's better to take federico's ashes to a church as we did inpuebla? milagros: yes, i'll do that.but i want to have them here for a few days, the house feelslonely and somehow he keeps me company.marcelo: as you wish. milagros: i went to see daniela.she was in a better mood. marcelo: that's good.milagros: she said she wants to start the she can't stop using the chair.she's willing to fight for you. marcelo: she has to do it forherself, not for me. milagros: you're not thinkingabout leaving her when she finally starts walking, right?marcelo: no, of course not. milagros: that means you're overlucia? marcelo: that has nothing to dowith this. i'll never be over lucia.milagros: son, i don't want you to hate me, but i think thatgirl doesn't feel the way you do.lucia: what time is it? marcelo: don't worry, it's stillearly. lucia: sorry i abused yourhospitality. i fell fast asleep.marcelo: this is your house. lucia: but you're everywherein it. marcelo: that means there'snothing here that reminds you of...lucia: no, no. don't even say it.marcelo: i just love that you say that.[laughs] where do you want to go?lucia: nowhere. i want to stay here with you.always. [sighs][doorbell] hello.raquel: hello, excuse me, lucia gaxiola?lucia: right, you must be the one i spoke on the phone with.raquel: right, raquel bazua. lucia: a pleasure.raquel: at your service. alfredo: look, here it is.daniela: it was about time. alfredo: it will be the samenumber, the only bad thig is you'll have to get back all yourcontacts. daniela: i don't care, marcelo'sis more than enough. i'll get the rest littleby little. alfredo: what about your friendsin puebla? daniela: i didn't make anyfriends. alfredo: at the hospital,a girl went looking for you. a girl called nora gaxiola.she said she was your friend. daniela: not at all.i could never have a friend like her.alfredo: why not? daniela: because she's mean,she got involved with her sister's boyfriend.she made him stand her up on her wedding day.alfredo: really? daniela: i don't pity lucia,but you can't do that. specially not to your sister.alfredo: yes, you're right. daniela: that nora girlis a snake, she also wanted to get marcelo.just like her mother. alfredo: why do you say that?daniela: she was meeting marcelo at a hotel outside puebla.milagros and i caught her and when we asked her to explain,she said something silly. alfredo: marcelo was seeing thatwoman too? daniela: i didn't say that,i said she wanted something with him.roman: how have you been feeling since the last time we met?nora: fine. roman: are you sure?nora: aha. roman: why don't you tell meabout sergio? that's the name of the guy youlike, right? nora: yes.roman: how are things going with him?nora: i don't care about sergio anymore.roman: last time you said you were excited about...nora: sorry, but i don't feel like talking today.roman: your time is not up yet. nora: i don't care.mario: catarino, the usual, two of them.sergio: thanks. mario: what?why are you looking at me like that?sergio: because i have no idea why you brought me here.mario: because i want to talk to you as a friend and not as bossand employee. sergio: what about?mario: leticia, for instance. what the hell is going on withyou two? she asked me to put her in another office.what's going on? sergio: lety and i broke up.and i figure she doesn't want to see me.mario: and for the look on your face, you feel like hell.sergio: yes, i do, i just don't get her, she's weird.she is, why? mario: and you're not?thanks, catarino. sergio: maybe i am, but i don'tget it, i thought that once we gave this step and becamea couple, everything was going to be great.everything was going to change for good.but it turns out it changed for the happened all the way around, we got along better when we werefriends. mario: relationshipsare complicated. they have their ups and downs.i guess it's about finding the right balance.sergio: why are you acting like this with me?mario: like this how? sergio: inviting me here,treating me as a friend, giving me advice and remember youwanted me to be the witness at your wedding. why?mario: maybe because you remind me of myself when i got here.i also come from a small town. and i came here to broaden mychances, maybe you're my about that? sergio: i'd love to get whereyou got. mario: don't try to flatter me,it won't work. sergio: i never heard you saythat, but i mean it. i admire you, i like're a role model. mario: thanks, but,let's go back to leticia, let me explain myself,women are hard but not impossible.look how long it took me to find the right woman.and you have it right there. do this, swallow your pride,and stay with her. cheers.[music] [music]ricardo: i'm calling because i was uneasy about what happenedwith your wife, is everything okay?amador: what did you expect would happen after your charmingblackmail? ricardo: i didn't know she waslistening. can i help you?amador: no, and i really don't want to discuss this with you.ricardo: fine. i agree, but i just remind youof the money you owe me. amador: you deserve nothing,ricardo. ricardo: bastard.[doorbell] lety: hello.ricardo: dear, how are you? lety: [sighs]ricardo: to what do i owe this honor?lety: well, i need to talk to someone.ricardo: want anything to drink? lety: a glass of water is fine.thanks. amador: so, are you finallygoing to talk to me? brigida: yes, i already settledsome things i had pending. amador: what things?where were you? brigida: i went to see thenotary. amador: what for?brigida: tell me something, are you willing to accept myconditions so you keep having a normal life?amador: yes, i told you, just tell me what they are.brigida: the time i spent at rebeca's house, helped me makea decision. i want you to give me the sharesof the gaxiola talavera. amador: what?brigida: you heard me, either you give them to me or i'll tellmy son you're a murderer and the police, you pick. amador: what do you want themfor? brigida: i just want to takesomething away from you that really hurts you.and i know they mean more to you than anything else.more than your son. amador: that's silly, they willbe yours and rodrigo's when i die.brigida: i want them now, i already talked to the notary.and he said it wouldn't cost me anything.amador: have you gone completely mad?you would ruin that business. you don't know it!brigida: what do i care? you'd still be the partnerfor everyone else. this is something between us.amador: you're asking too much. brigida: too much?it's nothing in exchange of your freedom and public rejection.specially your son's. by the way, you have untiltomorrow to make up your mind. lety: i knew he was hang up withnora, but since he dated gloria after that, i thought he wasover her. but i was wrong because there'ssomething between them. ricardo: are you sure it's notin your head? lety: the other day nora calledand i answered. and yesterday i saw her comingout of his apartment. lety: she's a tramp and a snake.ricardo: well, it's like if you were describing her mother.lety: why do you say that? ricardo: because if someoneknows rebeca murillo, that's me. she didn't just convince meto leave her sister for free. lety: so you left magdalenafor her? ricardo: i thought your mom toldyou. lety: no, she doesn't tell meanything about you. ricardo: i can imagine.lety: i can't stop thinking what it would have been likeif you had stayed with us. we would have been a normalfamily. ricardo: i think a lot aboutthat too, and if i had known you existed, i would have neverwalked away. at least not from you.lety: i'm glad you turned up. it feels good to have a dad ican at least tell him about my romantic disappointments.ricardo: that's not all. i'm here for anything you need.lety: i'm glad to know. ricardo: and about this girl,don't even worry, that kind of girl lasts justfor a while, no man, listen carefully, no manwould take her seriously. and don't forget,you're a special woman. lety: whatever, i wished someoneput her back in her place. ricardo: [chuckles]lalo: i'm eduardo barragan, i'm sure lucia told you aboutme, right? sara: yes, that's right,i thought you were coming with the patient.lalo: no, i wanted to ask you a favor.sara: tell me. lalo: the thing is benito,that's the patient's name, got worse last night and hecan't leave the house. so, i know it's asking too much,but i wondered if you could go to his house.sara: at his house? lalo: i know it's way too muchto ask, but yes. if you could go today,that would be great. sara: i can't today, i stillhave to go to the hospital to check on a patient.why don't you give me the address and i'll go tomorrowfirst thing in the morning. lalo: tomorrow will be's easy to get there, i'll give you my cell case you get lost or something.there. hey, and, will you be there?sara: that's a promise. lalo: thanks a lot,i'll be waiting for you at the door and take you there,we're neighbors. sara: sure, great.have a good day. lalo: thanks.sara: bye. lalo: thanks.roman: are you feeling better than yesterday?lucia: a lot better. roman: i'm you want to go out to dinner? lucia: why don't we stay?you'll see how my aunt, my sister and i get along,maybe that's interesting. roman: about nora, i'll breakthe silence, but today she seemed strange.lucia: strange how? roman: she barely spoke, itlooks like she's about to have another crisis.lucia: don't scare me. roman: do you know if there wassomething that upset her? lucia: maybe it was...roman: what? maybe what? lucia: nora found out marcelo isback with his old girlfriend. and that he's back in mexico,maybe that upsets her. roman: that upsets you too.lucia: i'm not your patient. and you can't make me talk aboutmarcelo. roman: you're right, forgive me.sorry. we should talk about our tripthis weekend, where do you want to go?lucia: anywhere you want. but make it a surprise.roman: perfect, only one condition, get up really earlyso we can cease the day. lucia: fine, tomorrow at thetime you tell me, i'll be ready. rebeca: shall we go in?it seems lucia and her boyfriend are staying for dinner.nora: i'm not hungry. you could join them andcongratulate them on their nice relationship.rebeca: i though you were glad they were dating.nora: that's not it, i just don't like that everyoneis happy and i'm not. rebeca: again with that?nora: it's the truth. even stupid daniela must behappy to have marcelo back. rebeca: why are you so upset?that he went back with her? nora: it's everything.i'm worthless. nobody cares about me.rebeca: what about sergio? i heard he was excited aboutyou. nora: he's crazy about someoneelse. she's dad's former lover'schild. as you can see,no one loves me, i'm nothing. rebeca: dear, i love you.nora: don't be silly, this is not the same as that.[music] [music]daniela: cheers. marcelo: to what?daniela: it's the first time i go out after the accident.marcelo: you needed it, didn't you?daniela: i really did. marcelo: cheers.daniela: and, aren't you ashamed they see you go out with me?marcelo: of course not, and neither should you.besides, you know it's told me you are willing to start with the treatment.daniela: what else did he tell you?marcelo: that's all. why, she should have told mesomething else? daniela: no.marcelo: when are you starting therapy?daniela: why is everybody pressuring me with that?marcelo: because we love you and we worry about you, we want youto be okay. i'll get you someone to help youwith all this. and take you anywhere you wantwhenever you need it. daniela: thanks, but it won't benecessary, my dad is taking care of it.marcelo: that's good, but count on me.daniela: i know. marcelo: you have a cell phone?daniela: aha, dad gave it to me this morning.marcelo: i think i forgot mine in the car, i'll go get itquick. sergio: it's time to forget her,look for someone else. rodrigo: who, for instance?sergio: daniela suarez, for instance.daniela: hello? rodrigo: hello, it's rodrigozuñiga. daniela: hello.rodrigo: i'm calling because i heard you were in the hospitaland i'm glad you're okay. daniela: you are, even if i toldthe police you were with my cousin the night she was killed?rodrigo: i guess you had to tell them.could we meet? daniela: i'm not in pueblaanymore. rodrigo: i didn't know that.daniela: i have to go, but thanks for your call. bye.roman: did you pack your granny in here?lucia: stop! i never know what to pack, i always put too manythings. but i can help you.roman: no, i can do it. i can even carry you if youwant. lucia: really?let's see. roman: hump on.lucia: one, two, three. careful.roman: watch your head. lucia: roman,this place is great. roman: i'm glad you like it.lucia: i love it. roman: careful.and... lucia: oh!roman: welcome. lucia: thanks.roman: i'll take the luggage upstairs.lucia: yes. roman?this place is great. this is from my factory.roman: i couldn't miss such a detail.what do you want to do? lucia: i don't know?what do you say? you know the place.a tour? roman: there's a lake nearby.the water is kind of cold. but we could go swim if youwant. lucia: where do i get changed?roman: there's two rooms upstairs.mine and the one that used to be my son's.pick the one you want. lucia: i'll go see.roman: i'll start the fire to make it cozy.lucia: yes. [knock]alfredo: daniela, daniela! daniela: what, what do you want?alfredo: i have to leave town, i came to say goodbye.daniela: you took long. alfredo: i have to take care ofsome things so that you keep on living this life you're used to.and it wouldn't hurt to get some air.this relationship is wearing out.daniela: have a nice trip. alfredo: the way, here. you have your first therapysession today, this is the place.daniela: today? alfredo: yes, i hired a driverfor you to be wherever you need to.daniela: you could have told me. alfredo: there's nothing to tellyou, i'll tell lidia to come help don't want to be late the first time.i'll call you later and see how it went.lalo: mrs. clara! mrs. clara! thanks for coming.good morning. clara: good morning.lalo: she's benito's mother. sara: a pleasure, sara your service. clara: a pleasure.i couldn't believe it when lalo said you were coming to seemy son. you have no idea how muchi thank you. sara: no need to thank,where's the patient? clara: in his room, come in.lalo: i'll go to work, tell me later how it went.excuse me, doctor. clara: come in.son, this is dr. esquerra. sara: hello, benito.benito: hello. sara: let's start with a generalcheck up, is that okay? clara: i have many test they'vedone to him, want to see them? sara: yes, that's good.clara: i'll get them. sara: why don't you tell mewhen you started feeling bad? benito: okay.i walked fine, i even played soccer, but i started feelingmy legs and arms went numb. and i couldn't breath okay.faustino: faustino raya at your service, your dad gave meorders to where i have to take you.daniela: i'm sure, but i'll tell you where i want to go.faustino: sure, i'll go get the car.excuse me. [music]magdalena: what do you mean they let her go?nazario: i got mad too when they told me.and they wouldn't give me her address.magdalena: you should have made them give it to you.nazario: you think i didn't try? magdalena: it's impossible.nazario: i gather many people were found on the internet.since you know about that, couldn't you try?magdalena: i don't know if a person like clara isfamiliar with those things. we can you know her full name? nazario: clara rosales buedna.magdalena: buedna. nazario: i almost caught her andshe slipped away. magdalena: don't worry, the goodthing is we know she's in puebla.i'm sure we'll find her. sara: i can't give youa diagnose right now. i need to go through all histests. i can take them, right?clara: yes, sure. how much do i owe you?sara: nothing. clara: nothing?but you came all this way! sara: that's okay, it's nothing.i'm here because a very close friend asked me to.clara: thanks a lot. sara: don't thank me until wefind out what's going on with your son.clara: will you let me know? sara: yes, here's my card.but i need to know how to find you.clara: i'll give you my number you go. sara: clara rosales?clara: that's me. sara: a pleasure, we'll be intouch. clara: thanks a lot,i'll walk you out. sara: thanks.marcelo: hello, daniela. daniela: hello.marcelo: come in. careful.daniela: faustino, wait for me in the car, please.faustino: yes, miss. excuse me.marcelo: go ahead, thanks. how are you?why didn't you tell me you were coming?daniela: i wanted to surprise you.and i haven't done that yet. marcelo: what surprise?need help? daniela: i can do it.marcelo: be careful. daniela: and?marcelo: good! since when can you do this?daniela: i felt i was getting better but i didn't want to tellyou until i could stand on my you can see, i don't need therapy.marcelo: so it seems. daniela: don't you thinki deserve a prize? take me to your room.lucia: oh, the water was so cold!roman: let's get warm by the fire.lucia: yes, hug me. [music][music]