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Chance the Rapper to marry his sweetheart this weekend

Congratulations you two!
7 Mar 2019 – 10:47 AM EST

Chicago native Chance the Rapper is about to tie the knot with his childhood sweetheart, Kirsten Corley.

The 25-year-old rapper, singer and songwriter had shared his love story on Twitter and said that they both met at Chance's mother's real estate office party in 2003 where "Destiny's Child" was the headlining entertainment.

9-year-old Chance recalls that he was to make way for 3 young girls that turned out to be doing Destiny Child routines. Well, the young man at the time had locked eyes on one of the girls who is now Chance's fiancée.

With his father encouraging him to join the little ladies on the dance floor since Chance had already won 2 school-wide talent shows for dancing but resisted as he was shy.

Chance explained that it wasn't the right place or the time for him to show off his sweet dance moves because the girls were in the spotlight.

Now, Chance the Rapper will get to share the dancefloor with his forever love. Congratulations!

As we all recall on July 4th of last year, Chance the Rapper popped the question at a family backyard party.

The story on how the couple met and fell in love.