Protest against hate in Brooklyn, New York.

Swastikas and 'build the wall' chants among incidents being denounced by teachers across the U.S.

Swastikas and 'build the wall' chants among incidents being denounced by teachers across the U.S.

A survey of 10,000 K-12 educators confirms an increase in hate incidents in classrooms following the elections.

Protest against hate in Brooklyn, New York.
Protest against hate in Brooklyn, New York.

Donald Trump’s victory on Nov. 8 unleashed a surge in reports of hate incidents across the U.S., many of them at schools and universities.

The results of a recent survey of 10,000 teachers from elementary to high school seems to support this trend: most of those surveyed said that the election has had a negative influence on the classroom environment.

Among the study’s main findings:

  • 90% of educators who responded have seen a negative impact on students’ mood and behavior following the election; most of them worry about the continued impact for the remainder of the school year.
  • A full 80% describe heightened anxiety and concern on the part of students worried about the impact of the election on themselves and their families.
  • 50% said that students were targeting each other based on which candidate they supported.
  • 40% have heard derogatory language directed at students of color, Muslims, immigrants and people based on gender or sexual orientation.
  • Over 2,500 educators described specific incidents of bigotry and harassment that can be directly traced to election rhetoric. These incidents include graffiti (including swastikas), assaults on students and teachers, property damage, fights and threats of violence.
Hate incidents reported by teachers
In a survey of 10,000 teachers by the Southern Poverty Law Center, these are the number of respondents who mentioned the following:
FUENTE: Southern Poverty Law Center | UNIVISION

Survey responses were collected by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based organization that combats hate, intolerance and discrimination, between November 14 and 23. Since the election, SPLC has actively denounced hate crimes and incidents across the country.

The survey is not scientific; participants responded voluntarily, so the survey is not representative of all teachers in the country. According to another study by the same organization, schools and universities have become the epicenter of harassment and threats against minorities.

“We must try to remind [Trump] that real people’s lives are affected but what he does and says, especially children,” said Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, during a press conference Tuesday about the survey results.


Univision News is compiling hate incidents in this map. If you have experienced a racist incident, you can contact Univision to share your story. Write to us via WhatsApp: 305-301-2625.

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