"White people are so much higher than any other race," a Ku Klux Klan member tells Univision anchor Jorge Ramos

'Hate Rising': Documentary explores growing white supremacy in the United States

'Hate Rising': Documentary explores growing white supremacy in the United States

The documentary premieres on Fusion and Univision on Oct. 23 at 10:00 p.m. ET.

"White people are so much higher than any other race," a Ku Kl...
"White people are so much higher than any other race," a Ku Klux Klan member tells Univision anchor Jorge Ramos

A giant blazing swastika, Nazi salutes and a white supremacist gathering are a few of the scenes that Univision anchor Jorge Ramos witnessed over six months in towns across the United States and which appear in a new Univision/Fusion feature documentary, “Hate Rising.”

Though the ideology of white nationalism once seemed relegated to the fringes, groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the alt-right are no longer hiding in the shadows. More than ever, they are rising up against an inclusive, multicultural America.

Over the last year, that rhetoric has found its way into the mainstream, spurred along by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has been widely supported by the alt-right and white supremacy groups for his vow to “make America great again.” The Southern Poverty Law Center has dubbed the increase of white supremacist rhetoric and intimidation the “ Trump Effect.

In “Hate Rising,” Ramos goes to the source of the racist, intolerant, anti-immigrant sentiments multiplying online, in the streets, and in politics. He also speaks to Muslims and Latinos who have been the victims of hate crimes.

“In every country there is hate,” Ramos said. “Suddenly we are allowing hate and bigotry to be the norm.”

‘Hate Rising’ was directed by Emmy-nominated Catherine Tambini, reported by award-winning journalist Jorge Ramos, and produced by Univision Story House in conjunction with FUSION. It will premiere in dual-broadcasts on Fusion in English and Univision in Spanish on October 23 at 10 PM EST.

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Hate Rising
"When a group such as the white supremacists feels threatened, it seeks a leader who identifies a common enemy, expresses the group’s fears and offers a plan of action to combat the perceived enemy. That’s what Trump offers to racists."
Nelson Denis, author of 'War Against All Puerto Ricans,' details how the commonwealth's 119-year-long association with the U.S. has produced total economic and governing dependence. With over $70 billion in crushing debt, Puerto Rico's governor turned to the courts on Wednesday to put certain debts before a federal bankruptcy court.
We traveled to Ciudad Juárez to see if hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Mexican maquiladora industry would return to the United States if Trump were to modify or abandon the NAFTA free trade agreement, as his government is considering. A border tax would have serious consequences in Mexican cities.
Although the deportation numbers for Donald Trump's administration have kept pace with the Obama administration, images of operatives and arrests, hate attacks on different minorities, and the President's own pronouncements have triggered alarms in the immigrant community ... and fear. One of Trump's most vocal campaign promises has begun to come true. And we are not talking about the physical wall, but a deeper, taller and more effective one: the wall of fear.
Jose Castillo's fear since Donald Trump became president turned into terror. The man who lived in the U.S. for more than 15 years fled his home country after gangs threatened to kill him. A few months ago, he stopped driving and sought shelter at a church in New York. From there, he asked the Canadian government for asylum.
Figures show the US has admitted just over 18,000 Syrian refugees since the war broke out in the Middle Eastern country. It's estimated that 4 million Syrian children have only known war time.
The young White House adviser who is one of the president's preferred spokesmen once ran for election at his California high school. His stump speech was found racially offensive by many students as you can see in this video obtained exclusively by Univision. He was escorted off the stage by high school staff.
This is the story of how land along the frontier between the U.S. and Mexico passed through Spanish and Mexican hands before becoming part of the United States. In those days there was no wall.
In the dairy industry in Wisconsin, at the heart of the Rust Belt where Donald Trump won by a landslide, more than half of the workers are immigrants and most of them are undocumented. No American citizen wants to do the hard work they do.
The U.S. Senator is in a close race for re-election in Florida. Now comes new revelations about the cocaine smuggling house Rubio briefly shared with his brother-in-law. Prize-winning journalist Tim Elfrink with the Miami New Times explains the significance of the court papers.
Artist Enrique Chiu is trying to transform the U.S.- Mexico border one paint stroke at a time. Eight years ago, Chiu started inviting people to paint the wall with the aim of uniting people at the border.
Post-debate video captured an awkward greeting between Donald Trump and his daughter Tiffany, who comes from Donald’s relationship to his second wife, Marla Maples. In the video, it appears Tiffany refused to kiss her dad. But that’s not true.
The evidence against El Chapo: undercover recordings, intercepted communications, protected witnesses’ declarations, drug seizures, and a confession. As U.S. prosecutors prepare their case against the world's most feared drug trafficker, this is what the government's case is built around.
Family, friends and fans turned out on Wednesday to pay their last respects to Miami Marlins pitching ace, José Fernández who died in a boating accident early Sunday.
Machado was crowned Miss Universe in 1996. A few months later, she gained weight. As a result, Trump planned a media event for journalists to watch her work out, she told Ramos.
Based on historical trends, current context and campaign strategies, Univision News takes a stab at predicting the results.
The Rio 2016 Paralympics are underway in Brazil. Univision takes a look at real people who have overcome life-changing obstacles. This series is about their power to defy the odds and shatter preconceived notions of their limitations.
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