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Protesters supporting DACA hold balloons in the colors of the American f...
'The Epic of America' and the case of the Dreamers
Is the American Dream dying under President Trump, or will the nation restore faith in the phrase first coined in 1931 by the son of Venezuelan immigrants, James Truslow Adams.
President Donald J. Trump, joined by Vice President Mike Pence, meets wi...
The Last Emperor
Given his attitude and larger context of U.S. control, many are viewing Trump’s visit as that of an emperor surveying his overseas subjects rather than the president of a democratic republic bringing relief or hope to fellow citizens.
Puerto Rico flag
Clean Slate
Silverio Pérez will publish a chronicle from Puerto Rico every week to tell the long and winding road of reconstruction that starts in the island after the scourge of Hurricane Maria.
Jorge Ramos
Journalists should always be prepared to disobey
"I like to think of journalism as a counterweight. You must always be on the other side of those in power and, particularly, when those in power abuse their authority." - Jorge Ramos, accepting the Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Award.
Catalonia and the autumn of Spain
Where is Catalonia, and why is a referendum relevant for its self-determination? The current Catalan political conflict transcends Spain and Catalonia and exemplifies the growing challenge faced by any diverse democracy made up of differing ideologies, nationalities and ethnicities.
Residents of San Juan wade through flood water
Is Puerto Rico in danger of losing its "enchantment?"
The government’s response, or lack thereof, creates a creeping doubt that the next generation of Puerto Ricans will be able to enjoy the same beautiful upbringing on a happy green island -- that I did.
A man cycling on a Toa Alta road, west of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sept 24...
Puerto Rico 2.0: how Hurricane Maria could save Puerto Rico
While Maria has set Puerto Rico back, this disaster should and could actually catalyze the rebirth of Puerto Rico in the long run. Even before the hurricane hit, Puerto Rico was sliding backwards. Now, with so much of the island destroyed, there is no choice but to move forward and rebuild, better than before.
Desde que DACA entró en vigor, cerca de 800,000 jóvenes in...
House Democrats begin process to force a vote on the DREAM Act
President Trump acted unjustly in ending the DACA program, and now Congress has no excuse but to do the right thing and correct this error
Rescue worker raises fist in appeal for silence, Mexico City, Sept 2017.
We Won’t Give Up
Our hearts were crushed by the earthquake, and recovery will take years. But almost every time I’ve spoken with someone in Mexico, I’ve gotten a sense of a renewed optimism in the country
Hundreds of institutions are collecting donations of non-perishable food...
Don’t forget the needs of women and girls during natural disasters
Sexual and reproductive health is a human right and should be treated as such during humanitarian response. While some progress has been made by the international community to take sexual and reproductive health into account when responding to natural disasters—it's not enough.
Rescue workers arrive to Juchitán, Oaxaca, which was almost compl...
Twin earthquakes expose Mexico’s deep inequality
The death toll is significantly lower than it was in past quakes, including the 1985 tragedy. In part, this reflects improvements in building regulations since 1985 and the creation of a National Civil Protection System. Post-disaster recovery analyses have also shed some light on the historical neglect of Chiapas and Oaxaca, together home to around nine million Mexicans.
Water rises up o the sidewalk by theMiami River as Hurricane Irma reache...
After Irma, nothing Is normal
Since Hurricane Irma came to Florida earlier this month, nothing has been normal. Some parts of Miami remain impassable; the fallen trees are a consistent obstacle and a test of patience. The beauty of Florida hides huge perils. The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are claiming back beaches, streets and homes. And how long can cities withstand 150 mph winds and 10-foot storm surges?
Undocumented students in front of the White House.
'For Them, We Are Not Humans'
"The same man who said he had a 'big heart' when it comes to the plight of the Dreamers — young, undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. by their parents — made a deeply cruel decision about their future," writes Jorge Ramos.
Twenty-five years ago there were no smartphones or social networks: it w...
I survived Hurricane Andrew and now I'm waiting for Irma
Univision News journalist Eulimar Núñez remembers living through the Category 5 hurricane in August 1992, which destroyed parts of South Florida.
Rómulo Avélica back home with his family.
The story of the L.A. dad detained by ICE after dropping daughter at school
Rómulo Avélica was released Aug 30 after 184 days in detention. Here’s a story about 3 of those days: the first, the 75th, and the last.