Interview: Meet the cartel wives, Olivia and Mia Flores
How two, well-brought up daughters of Chicago cops married into the drug trade, and survived to tell the tale, helping bring down El Chapo Guzman in the process. They agreed to an interview with Univision, but only under the most secretive conditions.
A Long Way From Home
The untold story of baseball’s desegregation
Miami-based filmmaker Gaspar González discusses his latest documentary, A Long Way from Home, on the prolonged fight to desegregate professional baseball, and explains why Latinos are part of the story.
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Mexican soap actor slaps Univision reporter on a red carpet
Actor Eduardo Yáñez was responding to a question about his son at an event in Los Angeles, leaving everybody around him stunned. Reporter Paco Fuentes asked the actor about a GoFundMe page his son posted asking for help to pay for car repairs, rather than seeking the money from his dad. The actor later apologized via Twitter.
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Innocent 'Kikito', the larger than life photo of a child who knows no walls or borders
The 70-foot-tall artwork, created by the French artist JR, is an eye-catching attraction at the Tecate border, designed to highlight the innocence of young immigrants such as those awaiting word of possible deportation after the rescinding of DACA.
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What is this curious child thinking as he peers over the border wall?
The work titled 'Kikito, shows a little one-year-old looking over the rusted border fence in Tecate, Mexico. It was inspired by a dream of the French artist' JR '. When he woke up, he wondered what thoughts were going through the baby's head and decided to translate that idea into a work of art, measuring 70 feet in height.
Mexico City Marathon attracted 28,000 runners. But how many actually com...
Fraud runs amok at Mexico City marathon
More than 15 percent of the runners who crossed the finish line in the annual marathon didn’t actually run the entire 26.2 miles – or even most of it, for that matter.
Cantantes vinculados con el narco
Julión Álvarez isn't the first regional Mexican singer to be linked to drug trafficking
Many Mexican musicians used the drug trade and organized crime as inspiration for their songs, but in a few cases link to the cartels have gone deeper than that.
Nora Norman.
Nora Norman is manifesting her dreams
In the new episode of the U-LAB Podcast, meet this neo-soul singer from Spain who recently made her American debut.
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Between fear and pride: in hostile climate, Hispanics wonder if it's still safe to speak Spanish
In recent months, several Latinos have become victims of racist incidents after speaking Spanish in public. Now, some say they’re torn between a fear of using their mother tongue in public and claiming language as an essential element of their identity.
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The true origin of the word 'spic,' the racist insult aimed at Hispanics
As hate incidents are on the rise and anti-immigrant rhetoric intensifies, the word 'spic' has come into focus. The term actually dates back to the construction of the Panama Canal at the beginning of the 20th century. From there it traveled north to the border between Mexico and the United States.
Remembering Elián González: the political battle over a Cuban rafter boy.
The political battle over Cuban rafter boy Elián González is the focus of new documentary film
When the five-year-old was rescued off the Florida coast in 1999 he became the center of an international custody battle that pitted family members against one another and tested U.S. foreign policy at a crucial moment in history. Now 23, González talks in a documentary film about his experience and the changing nature of U.S.-Cuba relations.
In photos: the killing of a violinist sends Venezuelan musicians onto the streets to protest
Members of Venezuela's internationally famous music education program, known as 'El Sistema,' joined a month-old wave of anti-government protests on Sunday. It took the death of 17-year-old musician Armando Cañizales for them to join to chorus of protests.
Women "warriors" promo
UPDATED In photos: The "warrior" women on the front lines in Venezuela's street protests
The two faces to the women protesters in Venezuela: They are brave and determined, with the strength to hurl police tear gas rounds. And on Saturday they also marched peacefully by the thousands.
In this March 11, 2012 file photo, Mexican singer Luis Miguel performs d...
Singer Luis Miguel arrested for non-payment of $1 million to former manager
In July 2016 the singer known as "El Sol de México" was ordered to pay his former manager more than $1 million for an outstanding contract. He was released from custody Tuesday afternoon after posting bond.
Los latinos más influyentes, según Time
These are the most influential Latinos of 2017, according to Time magazine
An organizer-activist, a singer, an undocumented woman, the Pope, the new leader of the Democratic Party and a Brazilian scientist are among the most influential Latino leaders this year, according to the publication's annual list of the "most influential people."