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Omar bin Laden spoke with 'Aquí y Ahora'.

'I live in my own world and my father lives in his own world', Osama bin Laden's son said

'I live in my own world and my father lives in his own world', Osama bin Laden's son said

'I live in my own world and my father lives in his own world', Osama bin Laden's son said

Omar bin Laden spoke with 'Aquí y Ahora'.
Omar bin Laden spoke with 'Aquí y Ahora'.

'I have no message to my father'

'I don't have any message to my father. This is the first time I am living in my own world, my father live in his own world'. With these words, Omar bin Laden tried to maintain the distance from his father, Osama bin Laden.

Omar bin Laden spoke at lenght with 'Aquí y Ahora'. He revealed that the White House tried to offer him protection in exchange of information regarding his father's whereabouts.

In spite of all that has happened with his father, Omar still loves him, just like any son would his own father. But there are differences.

What follows is the entire interview with Omar bin Laden, the son of the man who is the most wanted in the world.

When you hear that there is an attack somewhere in the world, a bombing and civilians get killed, innocent people, what do you feel?


Innocent people get killed everywhere in the world. This is a fact, so I have the same feeling that another innocent people killing. Rather than Jewish, Palestinian, American, Iraqi, this is human they don't care about what the nationality or what the power of the country.

On th day of the attacks, September 11, how did you feel at that moment?

I don't want to talk about it much but I would say this, nobody agree with it. I don't know who's behind it and that's it. It is a painful subject and I don't want to go into it again and again with anybody. I was to get out to looking for my life and that's it. I just looking forward to coming back to my home and that's all I wanted to live in peace, to get away from involved with all people, situation.

You said that you love your father even if you don't agree with him. Can you explain on that?

Most people love their parents and the same time they have different ideas and that is all what I could say.

The Americans are trying to kill your father since a long time ago, they don't succeed.

I have no comment about this subject.

Do you think your father is dead or alive?

I think he is still alive.

Did you get any message from him?

Since I get away from him I never get a message…

Can you tell me about the offer you received from the White House?

They wanted to take me to the White House to protect me, to back me, and the case to help them to find my father. So I tell them that I am sorry but this doesn't work with me like this my father is my father, and because I am his son. It doesn't go with my religion and with my formation, and with my beliefs and heart.


When your son Akmed Bin Laden asks you who is right, my father or my grandfather, what do you say to him?

Still he does not know this situation because it is early to talk about something like this.

But you will tell him you want him to be a good human being and not to be a terrorist?

I don't know any terrorist in my life, maybe a few but I go against them and go away from them.

Would you change your past if you could?

What has happened has happened and that's it.

What message would you have for your father?

I don't have any message to my father. This is the first time I am living in my own world, my father live in his own world.

Can you use the power of words to educate people to not use violence?

For people using the power just because they have a power and just because they want to control everybody. This is for sure against any human rights.

I have the feeling you are still sad when you talk about your father…

It just make me tired, I tell you before this situation has make me have a lot of problem but you refuse to listen… But I hope all this is for good.

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