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Dana Cortez Talks to Senator José Menéndez about legalizing a certain plant
Dana Cortez invited Senator José Menéndez into the studio with some guests to cover an important issue.
How St. Jude's is Helping Families With Your Donations
St. Jude's is a pediatric treatment facility that researches ways to fight diseases and cancer in young patients. The hospital is a non-profit facility and leads the world in fighting cancer and other life-threatening diseases with donations from people like you.
Would you drink THIS type of beer?
A brewery is making beer a whole new way and it might be better for the environment!
The Dana Cortez Show and Dice SoHo
Dice talks to the Dana Cortez Show about his biggest influences growing up and his plans for the future. Also he talks about his experience at the Grammy's.
How can you thank your wife and sidechick?
WTF Story: Soccer player publically thanks his wife and then his sidechick?
‘Área de la Bahía en un Minuto’: asambleísta de California presentó medida que convertiría un delito grabar crímenes violentos
En un minuto Concejo se San Mateo realizó reunión comunitaria para calmar el temor entre la población indocumentada. Mientras que un estudio revela que las personas que pasan más de 121 minutos al día en redes sociales podrían volverse personas solitarias.