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Study with a classmate helps to discuss what you don't understand and allows you to repeat the material out loud without getting bored.

Think Higher and You Will Succeed

Think Higher and You Will Succeed

College is the most powerful tool that gives you access to a bright future full of opportunities, but if you are overwhelmed remember to ask for help.  

Study with a classmate helps to discuss what you don't understand and al...
Study with a classmate helps to discuss what you don't understand and allows you to repeat the material out loud without getting bored.

By Laura D’Ocon


College is one of the most powerful tools that gives you access to a bright future full of opportunities, -but if you are overwhelmed remember to ask for help.  Be honest with yourself and you will succeed in your dreams-.

Many students suffer anxiety due to tests and work, but you can always ask for help. There are many options for you to choose: try to study in groups, go to your instructor office hours or make an appointment at your studying center at your College or University. Asking for help or advice it is okay and a great way to get your material down and success in your classes. -If you are planning to graduate from College with a high education, think Higher. - Here are 9 tips to success:

1. Go to class

Simple enough, right? Many college students think they can skip class or sleep while the professor is teaching. But the truth is that paying attention can help you a lot when it comes to study.  If you are that kind of student that prefers to study at home, make sure you watch the lectures posted online daily.  Being physically in a class or virtually in front of your computer is not enough. Classroom time is a waste of your time if you don't put all your senses. Taking notes and asking questions will help you more than you think, just try it and see what happens. Teachers and instructors are there for us. Establish a relationship with your teacher and make sure he/she knows who you are and what are your struggles.

2. Like learning

Work on your lectures and assignments a little bit everyday. Enjoy what you study by choosing what you like. Enroll to interesting classes related to your favorite topics. On the other hand, studying the night before doesn't help. The night before the test is for reviewing the material, not starting . Many studies show that studying the day before the exam, is not enough plus is not effectively because there is no time to learn, assimilate and retain all the information. Read the material in advance. It is very important to take notes before your exam so your brain has time to understand the concepts and it is easier to process the information when you see it for the second time.  After you get home from class, review your notes for 30 to 45 minutes. At night before going to bed try to read or review your notes just for 10 to 15 min. Students that are constant with their classes perform better on their tests.


3. Find a good environment to study

To study effectively every day, you have to find an environment that is comfortable. If you cannot concentrate at home try to find your sacred place. Maybe is a cafeteria, a quiet bench at the park, or the fourth floor of the library at your University. Try to study in silence. Some people like to s listen to music and works for them, but in my opinion, it is harder to pay attention while listening to your favorite songs. Try different methods until you find the one what works best for you. It could be indoors or outdoors, music or silence, in pairs or alone. Make sure you are comfortable and study will become such an easy and fun thing to do.

4. Find a classmate to study

Study with a classmate helps to discuss what you don't understand and allows you to repeat the material out loud without getting bored. For example, if you don't have enough will power to sit and study, call a friend and maybe they can push you to study while enjoying some coffee together, and vice versa. After the study session you will feel better and productive.

5. Getting a good night's sleep

One of the most underrated parts of studying for the exam involves no study at all. Sleep deprivation can be detrimental to exam time. Lack of concentration and nervousness are the consequence not resting enough the night before. Try to get eight hours sleep, and you will do better in your studies and life in general.

6. Breakfast

Breakfast is something that goes along with the purchase of good nights sleep. Breakfast gets your blood flow better in the morning. This increases your metabolism, and increases blood flow to the brain, helping you to think and function better.


7. Lay off the caffeine

While this may "wake you up" in the morning, a lot of coffee eventually impedes you learning. Caffeine causes nervousness and anxiety, and concentration becomes very difficult. Combine a good rest with a nice coffee but don't over take it.

8. Relaxation

When the day of the exam comes find a nice place to take your exam in your class. Sit down, breath and relax. There is nothing you can do at this point, just take a few deep breaths through your nose while you close your eyes for about 10 seconds and get ready to start with what you know. This relaxation method will help you get focused and feel comfortable about your material.

9. Not only classes are important to success.

Make sure you apply for internships and you take as much as you can from your time in college. A good training will get you a job after you graduate. It is important to practice what you learn in college on the real field before applying to a job. Use your summers to improve your skills and see what you like. Learn how to manage real professional scenes and improve your abilities.  Furthermore, if you have time, use it to learn one more language. Languages are really useful and will give you advantage among other candidates.

Here are some sites where you can apply for an internship in Journalism, Media and Telecommunication if that is your field. But remember you can always ask for help. College is there for your own benefit, use it!

Here some links, good luck and think higher!

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