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My name is Stephanie Perez. Becoming a doctor is my lifetime goal; college will allow me to become the person I need to achieve this goal. 

Blog: It is never too late to apply!

Blog: It is never too late to apply!

It can be a scary thing apply to college, especially in the economic state that we are currently facing. However, I don’t want this to hold you back!

My name is Stephanie Perez. Becoming a doctor is my lifetime goal; colle...
My name is Stephanie Perez. Becoming a doctor is my lifetime goal; college will allow me to become the person I need to achieve this goal. 

By Stephanie Perez

¡Hola a todos! My name is Stephanie Perez. I am currently a freshman at the University of North Carolina studying Biology and Psychology. Becoming a doctor is my lifetime goal; college will allow me to become the person I need to achieve this goal. I will be the first of my family to go to a university. College will give me several opportunities, such as: internships, provide for experimental equipment and hands-on learning in laboratories. Once on my way to a higher education, I will be able to make my family proud, and provide for them as they have all these years.

¡Hola a todos! I hope you are all enjoying your summer vacation. I have recently been looking through some scholarship websites in search for a few that could potentially help my incoming, future and transfer students.


Some of the websites that I have been surfing through are Cappex, Fastweb and Zinch.

I highly encourage you all to take a quick peek at what scholarships these websites are offering, because I am sure that each individual qualifies for at least one if not more scholarships that are listed.

For my incoming freshman I found this wonderful scholarship, the BlackBerry Scholars Program. If you win this scholarship you will be granted with full tuition, so why not try? THE DEADLING IS JUNE 26 so check it out ASAP!!!

Now this is not the only scholarship available for incoming freshman, go to the websites above and look through all your options, even though you are about to start college does not mean you have to stop applying for scholarships! There is always going to be some scholarships that you qualify for, so if you have the time you may apply to them. 

As for my transfer students it gets a little more difficult to find scholarships, but that does not mean there is no hope. What I do is google 'biology scholarships for transfer students' and you would be amazed at how many scholarships come out. Just replace biology for what your intended major is.

Hope this helps, but if you do have any questions feel free to message me on my Facebook.


Throughout high school and college many if not most students go through stress. The main question is how to cope with stress?

Every body and person is different so your stress levels may also be different, but here are some ways to minimize and even diminish your stress.


- One thing that I found to help me a lot is yoga and exercise. You do not have to go extreme and do a whole bunch of yoga stretches, just some breathing exercises can do the trick. You can check out some videos on YouTube for beginners at yoga.

- Also for exercise anything helps such as running, walking or even playing a sport.

- Social relationships are extremely important but those can also be putting you down. Try to stay away from drama since that can bring you stress as well.

- Don’t think too much about the future, like 'what if this doesn’t happen, or I don’t do well on an exam?' This can lead to anxiety which is something you do not want.

- Focus on the present and things you need to do in that day. If you feel like you can not stop obsessing over things you have to get write them down on a piece of paper and let it be. If you can not control them then try to speak to a counselor.

- Eating well and sleeping well are also important. Make sure you getting enough sleep because you are not going to be functioning correctly if you don’t. 

Study tips

When the time comes to study you may look at a whole bunch of notes stacked up in front of you and say 'how on earth am I going study for this exam?'

There is no right or wrong way to study as long as it is effective. The main thing to consider is quizzing yourself.

If you are just reading your notes over and over again, yeah, sure you are going to retain some stuff but the tests asks you for a specific term you may get confused with the definition.


Doing flashcards can help with this. If you do not get the grade you expected ask your teachers or professors for advice! They know how their exams are set up and which methods seem to help students. I’ve done this and it really does help.

Focus on your time management so then you won’t be cramming at the last minute. If you have too many things going on like clubs and organizations that you are in, drop one. School is your number one priority and you should know your limit. Don’t take on more then you can handle, it’s only going to stress you out.

Remember to sleep enough hours, you are not going to do well on your exam if you stay up until 3 in the morning studying of it and you are not going to be focused right in your other classes.

Just try to balance things out and study ahead of time. Try to study 15 a day which helps a lot in the end. You retain a lot of information when you sleep and the next day you’ll be surprised at how much you remembered. 

FAFSA: You missed one deadline, but hurry up, you'll get funding if you submit ASAP!

Hello all!

Hope you’re doing good and excited for Spring Break! Just recently the priority deadline for FAFSA (March 1) passed for MOST colleges.

However, do not fret, this is just the priority deadline, this does NOT mean that you won’t get funding but submit this application as soon as possible.

I know that with midterms and other exams it may get difficult to do this application and in the end you may even end up disregarding it. DO NOT DO THIS!


Everyone should apply, even if you think you do not qualify they do not just offer the Pell Grant, but other grants and loans which you won’t have to pay interest until you graduate college.

If your parents and/or yourself have not received your tax forms that does not mean you can’t submit it. You can still submit your application and then go back and fix any details. I say this just because you will have your packet in and submitted and you will qualify for more money.

You can use a tax estimator and look at the tax forms from last year and just make an approximation, then like I said go back and change it.

You must also apply to FAFSA again even if you already did it your freshman year of college. EACH YEAR YOU MUST REAPPLY ! 

What’s new?

Here are some interesting pages relating to scholarships: you scroll down you find about five scholarship opportunities that are pretty interesting.

This website has a variety of Hispanic Scholarships, I hope you find one that fits your criteria. :) 

Remember to always apply for as many scholarship as you can, cause you never know which

one(s) you will end up receiving. Like I’ve stated before, you will probably have similar essays already done regardless, so whats the harm in applying? :) And GOOD LUCK to all!!!

Dual Enrollment 

Have you heard about dual enrollment? If so, that is great! If you have not I am going to explain it to you all a little more in depth.

Dual enrollment are college classes that are offered to students that have a GPA of  a "3.0 unweighted grade point average to enroll in college credit courses, or a 2.0 unweighted grade point average to enroll in career certificate courses."


This may vary within colleges so definitely check to see if you meet the requirements.

Dual enrollment is free to all of those that meet the requirements, and as you all know college can be VERY expensive.

If you get a C or higher in the class you will automatically get the college credit and may not have to take it in the college you decide to go to.

I say "may not" because you should always double check that the credits transfer to the college or university you are going to.

If you would like to know if a college near by your home offers these dual enrollment classes ask your counselor, call the college and/or look it up on the internet.

It is an awesome way to save money in college and you could even start college with and Associate and Arts degree if you take advantage of the courses.

I did dual enrollment while in high school and it was one the best experiences I ever had. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask. Have a great day.

Incoming Freshman

New hallways, new faces, new rooms, new teachers but most importantly a new journey.

High school is the next big step before entering the "real world." I know it may get though at times, but just have faith in yourself; for you don’t know what you’re capable of until you actually accomplish it.

As a freshman I have two major tips for you all. Number one: Focus on keeping your GPA up. I can not stress enough how your Freshman year sets everything for the upcoming years, and you do not want to start off bad. Try your best to pass the class the first time, why take summer school when you hang out friends or just do more productive things?


Do not be afraid to ask questions or get tutoring, I know I did! It really does help!! Ways to boost your GPA are taking honors classes, AP and dual enrollments classes.

Number two: Go for the gold, reach for the stars, I did not think I was going to accomplish the thing I did, but just like myself you will surprise yourselves MANY TIMES! :)

More on Scholarships! 

Here are some web sties that match the information you enter in your profile to scholarships, colleges, job and internship opportunities. I used them throughout my Junior and Senior year!

For each of these just click on the scholarship tab and it will provide you with MANY scholarship opportunities!

Always do some research of your own, you may find some scholarships that I have not posted and that you quality. Remember it is never too early to apply for scholarships!

There are some scholarship opportunities for each grade, just look into it or maybe even type in Google: Scholarships for Juniors in high school.

You will come across pages like this one:

Always feel free to ask me any questions ! I am always here to help! :D

College Entrance Exams

Just a reminder to all students! For most scholarships you will need your SAT and/or your ACT scores. These exams are used by colleges and universities nationwide to assess an applicant’s aptitude for college-level work.


ALL JUNIORS should take this test at least once. I would say taking it at the end of your junior year so you may study during the summer and just have a feel of what the test is like.

Now, ALL SENIORS should take this test, even if you don’t plan to go to a college or university. You should all be taking the earliest exam dates possible, since it does take about a month or two before the scores come out.

Look at what is required for the school you are applying for and take a few practice tests. If you don’t score what you expected the first time, don’t worry.

Practice always and I mean always helps!! Try again! Chances are since you know what the test contains, and studied even just a little you will score higher. :)

Some outside scholarships that I feel could benefit you all!

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing good !! I’ve looked into some outside scholarships that I feel could benefit you all!

- Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation: Due Oct. 31 2012. For more information on this scholarship and what requirements are needed go to:

- The Hispanic Scholarship Fund:- You may qualify for several of the scholarships provided on this website. The earliest deadline is December 15 !

- McDonald's Scholarship Program: Check to see when the new application is open.,pageID.280/default.asp

- The RMHC® U.S. Scholarship Program: Scholarships are available at the beginning of November


I will keep you posted on upcoming scholarship as well! Don’t forget to write down a reminder for the due dates! Also, don’t hesitate to ask you counselor about some scholarships opportunities. They may know of some that could also benefit you. Remember apply to as many scholarships as possible! 

So must of you are unfamiliar when it comes to the topic scholarships...that’s ok

So must of you are unfamiliar when it comes to the topic scholarships and that’s ok. There are several different forms of scholarships, some of the main ones including: Federal financial aid, state financial aid, CSS profile, institutional financial aid, and of course outside sources for scholarships. 

Federal financial aid/Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - This application is basically for students with families that have low income. However, just because you think you don't qualify for FAFSA doesn’t mean you shouldn't apply, you'd be surprised at how many students actually do qualify! I recommend that EVERYONE does this application. It is available after January 1 of senior year. Your family Income Tax information needed to complete form. Application available online at

CSS Profile - Required by some colleges and universities. Institutions use the information collected on the CSS Profile to help them award nonfederal student aid funds. Application is available (October of senior year) online at 

If you are in the state of Florida you MUST apply for Bright Futures Scholarships - CAN be used at BOTH public and private institutions in Florida. For more information visit or call 1-888-827-2004.


There is also the FFAA, which you must apply to to qualify for the Bright Futures Scholarships. One application used for all State Programs (including Bright Futures) Application available online at after Dec. 1 of each year.

  • Florida Student Assistant Grant (FSAG) is a need-based program for degree seeking Florida undergraduate students attending public institutions.
  • First Generation matching Grant Program is available to all eligible students.
  • Florida Resident Access Grant (FRAG) is  a program for degree seeking Florida undergraduate students attending private institutions.

Deadlines vary. Some colleges/programs set earlier deadlines

Now I know this may seem like A LOT of info to take in, but I assure you it is only going to help you in the end. I am going to be posting up more scholarship opportunities which are coming up soon.

If you have any questions regarding anything feel free to contact me via Facebook

Oh my goodness!! I completely forgot this deadline!

Espero que todos estén bien!

Deadlines are approaching and you don’t want to be this person: "Oh my goodness!! I completely forgot this deadline was in two days! What am I going to do?"

Ok if this does happen to you. Just breath, it happens to most of us! Senior year can be extremely stressful especially with all of the deadlines approaching.

Now step one to help this situation not occur is have an agenda. Write down all the important deadlines on it, that way you can have a head start on the essays or papers you must do for that application.


Step two is: you probably already have some essays done from other applications therefore, you should recycle!

What I mean is most likely some of the essays you will encounter throughout your application process are going to be similar. What you can do is gather up some of the ideas of your previous essays and just add on to it, or take away from it.

Have a file in your computer that is just for applications. That way you can always go back and recycle, trust me they come in handy.

Apply to your dream college. Don’t let the money be a an issue

When you think about college one of the first words that pop in your head is: Money.

It can be a scary thing apply to college, especially in the economic state that we are currently facing. However, I don’t want this to hold you back!

Apply to your dream college. Don’t let the money be a an issue. Chances are, you will get more money than you actually bargained for.

Now if you don’t, it’s ok! I know I didn’t, but I still took my chances for a better education. What you can and should do is apply for scholarships (that is one of my favorite words!).

I will be taking you through the steps so you can fully understand what it means to apply for a scholarship and how the process works.

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