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Ley de vivienda le pone fin a la discriminación

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On Thursday morning, Austin is

looking to join nearly a dozen

other cities in banning a type

of discrimination they say is

all too common: denying people

housing based on how they pay

their rent.It's a push to

create affordability in all

parts of town, as leaders say

fewer options mean more people

pushed to lower income

neighborhoods. On Thursday,

Austin City Council members

will look at banning

apartments or landlords from

being able to turn a tenant

away simply because they're

using a voucher to pay the

rent. In a recent survey,

Austin Tenant's Council

reported 91% of respondents in

Travis County did not accept

housing vouchers.If Austin

City Council approves the

measure, Austin would join 11

states and 30 cities that have

done the same thing. More than

20,000 people are expected to

apply for housing vouchers in

Austin this year.

publicado: Apr 18, 2014 | 10:22 AM EDT
El Concilio de la Ciudad de Austin ha pasado una resolución para poner fin a la discriminación de la vivienda.