All advertisement is served thru AdMarvel.

  • 3rd party tracking – OK
  • 3rd party tags – OK (Only on Smart phones)
  • Click tracking and click redirects only on banners, text links and Rich Media
  • Video ad pre-rolls are not interactive
  • Vast tags are not supported

Standard Mobile Banner Set: 300x50

Text Links

Rich Media Ads: Available based on AdMarvel certified third party Rich Media vendors.

Video ad pre-roll: Video pre-roll and in-banner videos with Vdopia

X-Large Banner
Pixel Size Max File Size Format Animation

Still Image: 15KB

Animated GIF: 15 KB

GIF, PNG, JPG GIF - Max 15 Sec
3 loops max
•Up to 24 characters for X-Large

Sample Creative (Aproximate Size)